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Jared Dymbort Releases 'Rearrange'

Retro alt-rock with pop flavors.

New York-based singer-songwriter Jared Dymbort releases the music video for "Rearrange."

"Rearrange" is from Dymbort's forthcoming third EP, My Old Victories, slated to drop December 7, which amalgamates both futuristic and retro elements along with Dymbort's distinctive low-slung voice.

Recorded, produced, arranged, and performed by Dymbort, the EP demonstrates his evolving sound, progressing through the rockabilly punk feel of his debut EP, If & When, and the pop rock of 2017's Feel Things.

In addition to writing and singing his own music, Dymbort composes for short and feature length films, television pilots, web series, and other media.

Jared Dymbort - Rearrange

"Rearrange" opens on a compact retro rock shuffle flowing into a new wave alt rock melody riding edgy guitars and twinkling synths. The rhythmic elements are low and pulsing, driving the music forward at a crisp pace. The combination of light colors from the synths and the penetrating depth of the rhythm give the song a split (though harmonic) personality.

Dymbort's baritone voice is slightly reminiscent of David Bowie, coolly relaxed yet infused with a moodiness that's restless. It's one of those voices that linger overhead with its dark, smoky timbres.

The video, directed by Freddie Paull, depicts a woman rearranging her belongings and her life as she moves into a new house. Relocation entails reorganizing more than just material goods. Emotional reshuffling, along with changing friends, lovers, and mental perspective, leave her feeling dispossessed and flummoxed.

"Rearrange" delivers a contagious blend of retro alt-rock and pop flavors.

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