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Jasmine Ash Holds Steady On "High Wire"

Dreamy pop, subtle dance grooves, and a lot of heart.

Meet Jasmine Ash, a singer-songwriter from L.A. by way of Portland, Oregon, who is premiering "High Wire" on Popdust today.

Co-written by Rich Jacques, Ash describes the song's genesis: "I sat down and wrote 'High Wire' by accident while on a writing retreat in Joshua Tree, CA in 2018. I had been playing with the idea of releasing something as an artist again – as I had spent the last 8 years or so as a songwriter for others, and so it felt like this song was meant to be."

For someone who had never sung or written a song before her last year in college, Jasmine Ash has achieved amazing success. She's written more than 400 songs, with many of them featured in mega-brand campaigns, such as Apple, Ferrero Rocher, Nissan, Clinique, Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, Tiffany's, Spring, and Samsung, to name a few.

Jasmine Ash - High Wire [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

She wrote songs for Lisa Loeb's 2018 Grammy-winning album, Feel How You Wanna Feel, collaborated with Nicole Millar, R5, and Oliver Moldan. Her music has been featured on American Housewife, Coupled, The Neighborhood, Shameless, Pretty Little Liars, Claws, and Wisdom Of the Crowd.

Her new EP, Let's Make Some Fun, slated to drop in the Fall of 2019, was co-produced by Grammy winner Rich Jacques and Daniel Pashman.

"High Wire" opens on emergent nuanced streams of color flowing into a dreamy electro-pop melody riding a pulsing rhythm. Shimmering guitar accents supplement the sonic savors of the synths, as Ash's hyper-crystalline voice glides on polished tones.

"5 4 3 2 1 set this in motion / Gotta find, places left behind / Always seem to trigger this emotion / Every time you come across my mind / Walking out / On this high wire / Never gonna come down, down, down."

"High Wire" conjures up sonic spells and bewitchments full of stylish, captivating colors and the wonderfully alluring voice of Jasmine Ash.

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