UK Band Sorry Are the Future of Indie Rock with "More"

It's the latest song from the band's upcoming debut album.

Sorry are tricky to pin down.

The U.K. band, whose ascent began around 2018 with their initial singles like "Showgirl" and "Starstruck," are an amalgamation of standard indie rock and modern electronica. With dashes of psychedelic funk and dreamy fuzz, Sorry exist in a space of their own, straddling the lines between underground punk of the past and experimental pop of the future. Whichever genre they fit in—if any—they're an exciting group to watch.

Sorry just announced their debut album slated for release in March, and "More" is their latest offering off the new project. Built off simple, to-the-point lyricism—"don't give me too much, too much, too much / Just give me enough," vocalist Asha Lorenz repeats tauntingly—it exudes a ramshackle attitude that's become synonymous with Sorry and the grungy London club scene that bred them.

"More" has the bones of a pop song, though its forward-facing guitars reflect punky origins, and the entire track bears a woozy sense of distortion. It proves how malleable Sorry are and presents a forecast of how indie rock could evolve in the not-too-distant future.

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