PREMIERE | Stephen Day Releases "Guess I’m Grown Now"

Organic pop with complex hints of jazz and soul.


Nashville's pop/soul singer-songwriter Stephen Day's new album, Guess I'm Grown Now, narrates the joy and heartache of becoming an adult.

Day says, "Guess I'm Grown Now feels like the only record I could have possibly made at this time in my life. Somehow all of the things I felt limited by at the beginning of making this album made it a perfect time stamp on my life, which is, I guess, how things work?"

Currently touring with The Brook and The Bluff and Jordy Searcy, Day performed at Nashville's Live On The Green festival, sharing the stage with St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Grace Potter, and Steve Earl.

The ten tracks on the album are both fresh and elusively familiar. Entry points include the polished "All The Time In The World," the delicate tenderness of "Dreams Tonight," and the sparkling flow of "Twenty Two And Some Change."

Speaking subjectively, the best track on the album is "Only Growing," highlighting Day's rich, pure tenor, full of soft surface tones and tangible passion, conjuring up memories of the high, sweet voice of 50's pop singer Jimmy F. Rodgers.

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