This Haunts Me: That Matthew Gray Gubler Photoshoot

The best photoshoot of all time.

Matthew Gray Gubler might love Halloween and live in a haunted treehouse, but the best gift that he's probably ever given the Internet was the following series of iconic photos.

Red-sweater Gubler clearly knows all the secrets of the universe, and he knows exactly which card you picked.

He is truly powerful in these photos, possessing a kind of queer, magickal internal life force that burns through the screen and creates an intoxicating sense of calm.

You're telling me this man is an FBI agent, a children's book author, an illustrator, a model, AND a singing chipmunk?"

All is right with the world.

You are getting very sleepy...

The only thing better than these photos would be a stare-down between Gubler and this version of Miley Cyrus:

Have you seen this man's drawings? He knows something we don't.

What do you know, Matthew?

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