New Yoke Lore Video is as Twisted as the Song Is Sweet

"Chin Up" is a pleasantly wistful bit of indie folk, while the video manages to be both somberly wintery and soaked in violence.

Practitioners of a certain kind of indie folk — ambient with a driving beat —are many.

But few do it better than Yoke Lore, who just released his latest single, "Chin Up."

Yoke Lore is the nom de guerre of Adrian Galvin, whose previous projects include Yellerkin and Walk the Moon. "Chin Up" is a single off Meditations, an EP to be released May 31.

But where "Chin Up" evokes winsome damsels in yellow dresses spinning dreamily in blooming meadows, its video is violent and grim, set in a landscape of snow and stunted pines and one giant moose. The narrative's thread is intentionally muddled, featuring a nighttime struggle between two men, their flailing, parka-clad limbs lit by the lurid red of several flairs embedded in the snow. Later, Galvin's bloodied, unconscious body is pulled on a sled by another man. And every once in a while, Galvin is lit with the same shade of red as the flairs, and stares at the camera as he mouthes the song's lyrics with wide, haunted, staring eyes. Its powerful imagery that adds an unexpected layer to an otherwise seemingly hopeful song.

Yoke Lore - "Chin Up" (Official Music Video)

To support his EP, Galvin is launching a European tour, which starts April 3 in Dublin, Ireland and ends on June 22 at Dover, Delaware's Firefly Music Festival. Go to for detailed tour dates, information on his EP and more striking music videos.

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