PREMIERE | Belle VEX Gets It On, 'Something New'

Brash, Bad-Boy Dance-Pop Music

Belle VEX premieres his new music video, "Something New," today on Popdust.

New England's singer-songwriter-producer explains his inspiration for "Something New," saying, "I was just tired. Every now and then you come to a point where you just need to take a short break and re-energize yourself, but this was different. This wasn't depression, just a turning point ... I needed something new."

Belle VEX's music is a blend of '90s pop and bad boy punk rock brashness, tinted with modern EDM rhythms. His recent EP, Fifteen Minutes of Fame, paraded his heady pop-dance sound, tight grooves, and smart lyricism. On "Something New," he injects his signature sound with fresh energy and beau coup sonic flair.

"Something New" opens with vibrating synths flowing into a muscular pulse of EDM. Glittering colors ride over a throbbing, galvanizing rhythm. On the breaks, oozing synths dispense skintight waves of resonance prior to the harmonics ramping up into dazzling, kick-ass oomph.

Belle VEX's voice, flavored with magnetic tones, is reminiscent of Bruno Mars, clean and buoyant, full of electrifying timbres and cool melodicism. It's one of those voices that infects listeners with a seductive vivacity.

The video, directed by Rob Fitzgerald, radiates tons of emancipated sangfroid, as Belle VEX sets his sights on a beautiful young woman answering a casting call. Belle VEX dazzles her with his multi-dimensional character, not only strutting and posing with attitude, but simultaneously reflecting irresistible charm and compassion.

The lyrics project a tantalizing, quixotic approach of hormonal transparency.

"Take a look around / You stand out in the crowd / I'm coming for you now / Watch me / Lock your number down / And buy another round / Drink until there is no ground / Under our feet."

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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