Camu Releases ‘Empire State of Sound’

Dopamine stimulating rock and roll

After an 8-year pause, Camu is back and releasing new music, beginning with a trilogy of songs/music videos, the first of which is "Empire State of Sound."

The three songs reveal Camu's musical and personal development during the last eight years.

Renowned as the front man of Naked, which released four albums and six Top 10 singles in Scandinavia, along with two world tours including SRO performances in Russia, Sweden, Japan, and the U.S., in 2011 the band dissolved.

Devastated, Camu decided he was finished. He left, getting as far away as possible, spending most of his time in Hawaii, where, during his self-imposed break, he evolved and matured. Through it all, he was continuously writing and recording music.

Camu says, "I've had so many life-altering and mind-blowing experiences along my journey, so I've got a lot of new song material and the trilogy of songs reflect and tell my story. This new release is all about me coming out and being me, Camu. Life is too short and I want to share my music. Naked is still my band and will be touring as my backing band when we do our summer tour in 2019, but this is pure Camu music the way I have always envisioned it. As the new music being released ventures further from the straight rock music we used to play back in the day, we will be releasing it under a new, better fitting name, CAMU."

"Empire State of Sound" features Camu (vocals, guitar), Zack (guitar), Tikka (drums), and Ilari (bass).

The song opens with growling, muscular guitars flowing into a hard rock tune with curls of pop-rock. A little reminiscent of Jon Bovi, the tune exudes beau coup oomph and brilliant vocal harmonies. The rhythm pulsates with hefty momentum and oodles of infectious textures, as the guitars spray brawny sonic energy in all directions.

Camu's voice is tight, rasping with delicious reediness, imbuing the lyrics with redoubtable flamboyance and enormous vitality. The scope and dimension of tonality infects the music with a sense of immediate pressure and skintight imminence. It's a striking voice, full of wild, reckless intensity.

With "Empire State of Sound," Camu gives notice that he's back, and not only alive and well, but better than ever. This is powerful rock of the best possible type, the kind that stimulates dopamine pathways in your brain.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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