PREMIERE | Caroline Romano Lets Out Her "Stream of Consciousness"

The teen singer-songwriter lets us in on her inner monologue in her latest release.

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Caroline Romano is a name you've probably seen crop up in countless reputable locations.

Whether it's as the opener for superstar acts like Shawn Mendes, or being officially endorsed by Radio Disney, Romano knows how to get just where she wants to be. With a knack for capturing the essence of her emotionality and distilling it into relatable music and lyrics, it's easy to see how her work opens doors. Her latest release, "Stream of Consciousness", testifies to this, creating perhaps her best and most accessible piece to date. Check out our exclusive premiere below.

A percussive guitar chord progression powers the track, as Romano almost breathlessly sings over it. As the title suggests, she releases what she's thinking with little to no filter. As the chorus builds through various iterations she declares "This is my stream of consciousness." The song continues and the production builds up a synth backing, almost becoming discordant at times, mirroring the intrusive background noise of thought. Romano lifts the lid on her own insecurities in a no frills track that is a tribute to vulnerability.

"'Stream of Consciousness' is one of the most personal songs I've ever written," says Romano, "It's the story of what's going on underneath my surface, from anxiety, to joy, to love, to my insecurities. The things that make us different, all our little quirks and flaws, and how they make us beautiful."

Romano's song is exactly what it says it is. A young woman letting her thoughts ring out in a small act of catharsis. She reminds us that you can't shut off the stream of consciousness, but sometimes if you let it out, it can bring you peace of mind. This track is good for your quiet motivational playlist, or for a listen when you come home after a long day at work. Caroline Romano deserves a place in your heart.

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