RISING STAR | Charlie Treat Lets Loose on Self-Titled EP

Tangy Americana Fused with Alt-Rock Flavors


Charlie Treat grew up on a farm in New England.

Surrounded by working-class music, including field hollers, work songs, delta blues, and folk songs, Treat established a strong musical foundation, one that would strengthen over time as he was exposed to new sounds.

Later, when he was 20-years-old, Treat left New England with a guitar and $2,000. When he finally returned to New England, he'd not only expanded his horizons but reshaped his understanding of music. While living in Boston, he performed as a folk singer and dropped two solo albums. In pursuit of refashioning his sound, he took off for Nashville.

His new self-titled EP drops September 21, on Half Step Records. Recorded in East Nashville, the EP reflects Treat's insights on the world, philosophical ruminations, and literary allusions, as well as profound lyricism. Produced by Jesse Thompson, and featuring the talents of Juan Solorzano, Benjamin Lusk, and Alaina Stacey, the EP is an expression of team effort, as everyone contributed ideas.

Comprising five tracks, the EP opens with "99 Dollar Man," a bluesy Americana tune with a mellow braying organ and measured contagious groove. There's just a hint of alt-country traveling through the music, giving it a tasty drawling feel. Treat's twangy tenor exudes delicious tones, trembling with passion.

"Please Don't Miss Me" rides a soft pop-rock tune, driven by a potently aromatic piano. I love the creamy drawl of the steel guitar on this song, as Treat's voice assumes an imploring timbre. "No Woman" features a country-lite feel flavored with alt-rock harmonics. This tune reminds me of Leon Russell because of its palpable organic mood.

"Lonely Believer" exudes the perfume of gospel mingled with alt country as performed by The Talking Heads. It is quirky yet wonderfully scrumptious. "Look Around" opens with a drawling guitar flowing into a So-Cal soft rock tune. Treat's voice takes on a delectable rasp, infusing the tune with tender urgency. The flow of this tune rolls with surging colors.

Beautifully wrought, Charlie Treat's self-titled EP is an aural treat for the ears.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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