Everyone knows Disney is taking over the world, but did you know they can predict the future?

In 2010, the company responsible for all your favorite animated films released a reimagining of the classic Rapunzel story called Tangled. If you aren't familiar with the adorable movie, it follows the adventures of a youthful, sassy Rapunzel who has magic hair that keeps the witch who claims to be her mother young forever. To keep this secret weapon away from the rest of the world, Mother Gothel locks Rapunzel in a tower in a village called...Corona. That's right: Rapunzel was quarantined in a Kingdom called Corona.

Twitter users are, of course, losing their ever loving minds over the coincidence:

So, while it remains to be seen whether this "coincidence" means that Disney engineered the coronavirus to keep us all at home watching Disney+ or that they simply know the future, we can all take comfort in knowing that at least Rapunzel's self isolation led to her finding her perfect man.

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