Gigantamax Pikachu Is CHONK AF

Our son THICC.

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Ever since the National Dex got scrapped for Pokemon Sword and Shield, excitement has been dwindling for the newest games in the long-running franchise. But that's about to change.

See, Nintendo just revealed a few new Gigantamax Pokemon forms, a new game mechanic whereby Pokemon turn huge for giant battles. One of those new Gigantamax Pokemon happens to Pikachu, and oh damn, he's fat.

Fat Pikachu has Twitter HYPED. A big reason for that is the fact that Fat Pikachu's design seems directly based on the original art from Pokemon Red and Blue, back when Pikachu was a juicy lad.

So now, pretty much everyone is freaking out over Fat Pikachu.

Look at this Fat Pikachu plush. Now we can basically PLAY AS HIM.

Here's another chunky Pika. Wow. So chunk.

Fat Pikachu is so fat that he literally warps time-space.

Some people are even weighing Fat Pikachu against the missing National Dex, and frankly, Fat Pikachu might be so fat that he actually tips the scales.

I'd honestly play Big Chungus Pikachu on PS4.

Dude. He is so fat. SO FAT. Don't you just want to touch his belly?

This one person literally drew Fat Pikachu art a few months back, and now all of her dreams are coming true.

Fat Pikachu is love. Fat Pikachu is life.