PREMIERE | HEЯITAGE Voices 'Speak Life'

Get to know Hannah Eggen and Gianluca Gibbons of HEЯITAGE.

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Get to know Hannah Eggen and Gianluca Gibbons of HEЯITAGE.

Natives of Bermuda, Eggen and Gibbons now hang out in So-Cal, where they make their own personal brand of fusion music. It's a sound encompassing new wave, reggae, hip-hop, Caribbean music, blues, Afrobeat, electro-pop, and punk flavors.

On "Speak Life," the duo has taken Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley's original song and waved their musical magic wand over it, changing it from a song fueled by percussive slaps and an acoustic guitar to a tune featuring cool R&B flavors and subtle synth hues.

The video, directed by Brandon Lee, was shot in Los Angeles' Fashion District, on Santee Street, where vendors hawk merchandise from the far ends of the earth– everything from Asian and African clothing to designer handbags to cut-rate shoes to blue jeans. Rather than roaming through Addis Ababa, as Marley did, Eggen and Gibbons stroll through the garish neon glow and kitschy shops of L.A., in a decorative video pregnant with the mysterious parallels of humanity.

"Speak Life" opens with softly-droning synths, light percussion, and the velvety rasp of Gibbons' resonant voice. When Eggen assumes control of the vocals, the tune takes on dreamy, oozing flavors gliding on plush textures. The incandescence of a compact guitar leads to the sensuous sax solo, imbuing the tune with gorgeous pigments.

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