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Hold on to Your Bunny Ears…The Playboy Club Is Making a Comeback!

14,000-Square-Feet of Fantasy

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Hugh Hefner must be looking down on NYC with a twinkle in his eye.


Come September, the iconic Playboy Club is returning to midtown Manhattan, with a va-va-voom vibe that will mix the pleasures of Playboy's past with a modern (and titillating) touch.

The original NYC club

Four giant deluxe rooms will occupy the vast 14,000-square-foot space on 42nd Street in Manhattan; the club called 59th Street home from '62 – '86. Each of the rooms has its own look and feel, full of luxe lounge-style areas and bars as well as a restaurant on the premises, with a "luxurious, seductive, and playful spirit," throughout, as Playboy Enterprises describes, much like the famed Playboy Mansion, where fantasy met reality for those who had the good fortune of stopping in for what was sure to be a good time.

Bunnies, bunnies, and bunnies, oh my!

Naturally, Playboy "bunnies"/servers will be prancing and parading about, decked out in their skimpy uniforms, fluffy cotton tails, and perky bunny ears. Music will play, drinks will flow, and there will be no shortage of eye candy as staff and guests are sure to be among NYC's sexiest.

And if a visit to the club every now and then isn't fulfilling enough, you can become a member. And boy does membership have its privileges. For instance, the most inclusive membership will cost you a whopping $250,000/year, but you'll get private access to VIP rooms and surely/hopefully a whole lot more. If you've got the dough and the desire for serious swank and sexiness, where better to spend your hard-earned dough?

Stay the night

The Playboy Club will be located in the Cachet Boutique Hotel, so no need to head home after a wild night of bunnies and booze. And after the New York opening, there are plans for more clubs to open in Asia. Hey, if they can make it in New York…you know what they say.

Just a few more months of waiting and soon your teenage fantasy will be a cab ride away (if you're a New Yorker, of course). For everyone else, there's always the magazine.

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