RIP Pop Smoke: Remembering a Rising Star

The budding 19-year-old "Brooklyn Drill" rapper was killed during a home robbery at his L.A. home last night


The budding Brooklyn drill rapper Pop Smoke was killed during a home invasion last night.

The Los Angeles police responded to an emergency call at 4:20 a.m. last night after "masked gunmen" broke into the house where the rapper was staying. The 20-year-old artist was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

Pop Smoke, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, was undoubtedly destined to be Hip-Hop's next trend setter. Profiled by everyone from The New York Times to XXL, Pop Smoke had been deemed by many as a a founding father for the "Brooklyn Drill" movement, an aggressive and colorful amalgamation of the Chicago subgenre and UK drill. Smoke's breakout hit, "Welcome To The Party," exploded on the streets of Brooklyn and then the world last summer, with Smoke's gruff vocals being one of the most highly dissected topics in Hip-Hop. "Pop Smoke is 20 years old. He sounds like he's 60," wrote Stereogum. "He sounds like his vocal chords are made of scorched asphalt and ground-up glass. He sounds like he ate volcanic ash for breakfast. He sounds like his body has been possessed by an ancient Sumerian demon." But whatever you want to say about that distinctive voice, you can't deny it caught people's attention.

So far no one has been arrested or charged in the robbery.

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