Skyward Story Talks New Album and New Love

The Baltimore-based band prepare to release 'Reborn' on January 18th.

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Skyward Story is a pop rock trio from Baltimore with an infectious, upbeat boy band sound. Their music and look has an intentionally 2000's vibe, bringing back memories of long teenage summer nights listening to bands like Blink-182 and NSYNC.

The group originally gained a following under the name 3PM, selling over 25,000 copies of their album "Slow Me Down." During their time with the Warped Tour, "Slow Me Down" peaked on the Billboard charts at #27 Top Rock Albums, #2 National Heatseekers, #18 Alternative, and #19 Independent. But soon the group decided it was time to experiment with a new style, and to do so, they turned to Aaron O'Connor, a talented singer they found on vine who now serves as lead vocalist for the group.

As Skyward Story, the trio has worked tirelessly to bring fans new music. With their highly anticipated album, Reborn, set to be released on January 18th, the band just released the first new single off the album, "Trading Secrets." They stopped by the Popdust offices to talk with Popdust's own Brent Butler about their development as a band, the upcoming album, and financial insider info.

After the interview, Brent subjected the band members to the unpredictable questions from the magic box. Among other things, we learned that Aaron O'Connor likes the smell of thrift stores, Scott Montgomery is really good at fractions, and Brandon Millman is tired of golden retrievers.

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