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theAngelcy Premiere 'Nodyssey'

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Traditional folk music blended with pop-lite and classical energy.

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From Tel Aviv, the indie-folk sextet known as theAngelcy premieres their new album Nodyssey, slated to drop December 7.

Like Homer's Odyssey, Nodyssey represents a journey. The album was born on the road, as the band traveled in a van from performance to performance.

Lead singer Rotem Bar Or says, "It's really rare in this day and age to have this kind of group experience. It's a very individual age – lots of people make music on the computer. To have that feeling that you really co-created something – I was really touched. For me that's a big part of this album."

With 11-tracks, Nodyssey opens with "Rising," a folk tune flavored with pop hues and layers of instrumental textures and pressures. Light horns and flowing strings give the tune a variety of soundscapes.

The best tracks on the album include "Holy Land," a beautiful folk number with Celtic flavors and a martial snare roll that infuses the tune with subtle tension and wisps of recollection. Rotem's exotic inflection gives the lyrics intense meaning. "I Worry" rides tight luminous colors on a measured rhythm, as Rotem explains his anxiety. When the music swells and expands, it takes on a potent Spaghetti-western feel.

"Break" is a stand out because of the rumbling tones from the drums, giving the tune a booming resonance that contrasts effectively with the lighter timbres from the woodwinds. This is one of those songs that speak to your soul, matching sonic colors with thoughts. "Vira" merges quivering jazz with dreamy folk flavors resulting in Bolero-like colorations.

Nodyssey provides fresh, new folk with shining textures atop gentle rhythms, along with tasty vocals and ingenious lyrics.

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