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Full Name: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

Date of Birth: September 4, 1981

Born: Houston, TX

Occupation: Singer, actress

Status: Married to Jay-Z (2008)

Children: 3

She's a show stopper. A living legend. With a voice that's both powerful and passionate and looks that rival those seen on runways, Beyoncé is the epitome of a superstar. From girl group standout to supreme solo act, the performer is at her prime, giving fans every ounce of her talent every time she steps on stage.

As part of one of today's most beloved music power couples, she and husband Jay-Z steal the scene with sex appeal and enjoy endless success. Buzz along with the "Beyhive" and find out more about America's R&B/pop princess as she continues to climb the charts and captivate us to the core.

It Was Destiny

The late '90s was when the world got to know and fall in love with Destiny's Child. Smooth sounds, catchy hooks, and gorgeous gals made up the group, and songs like "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Say My Name," and "Jumpin' Jumpin'" were part of the soundtrack of our lives. The members of the group went through a few changes, but we ended up with the trifecta of Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland. The trio's signature sound was instantly recognizable and their hits kept coming. Awards poured in and the ladies were on top of the world. The fact that "bootylicious" is an official word in the dictionary is all the proof we need of Destiny's Child's glorious girl power. While the group still gets together now and then, Beyoncé was the breakout star. A solo career was in the cards.

A Marriage Made in Music

Since 2008, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been the couple to count on for some of today's hottest music and they provide enough juicy material to fill a trough of tabloids. They've made music and babies together and had their share of ups and downs, but they always come out on top and continue to commit to one another. From "Drunk in Love" to "APES**T," the music the married couple puts out is always ahead of its time. As a mom of three, Beyoncé has her hands full, but if anyone can "run the world" it's Queen Bey. With her "king" holding up his end of the bargain, the Carters can do anything they set their sights on.

Her Greatest Hits

From radio play to our own curated playlists, Beyoncé's music makes us want to get up and move. Ballads or booming beats, her songs are always well-written, perfectly produced, and what modern music is all about. Beyoncé's inner "Sasha Fierce" shows us that the star has a fire inside her, whether she's belting out "Baby Boy" or holding our attention with "Halo." Her range and vocal acrobatics have fans in awe as Beyoncé makes every note she delivers seem effortless. Football fans got a halftime show to remember in 2013 when Beyoncé took over the field and millions of those who idolize the star have attended sold-out shows all over the globe. With Grammys galore and other awards lining her shelves, this super-diva is still history in the making.

Looking "***Flawless"

Music is her main attraction but who could overlook the beauty of Beyoncé? She's a stunner with a fashion sense that slays and a face and body that has us staring. Check out some of Beyoncé's best looks:

Queen Bey, we bow down. Your talent is off-the-charts and you'll go down in history as one of music's greats. It's no wonder the "Beyhive" always has your back.

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