The Much Talked-About Trailer for Captain Marvel Released

Action! Adventure! Aliens! Amnesia?

The film won't hit theaters 'till March of next year, but fans of Captain Marvel are ready for the movie now.

The official trailer was just released, full of Brie Larson's leading lady skill and strength and plenty of action-packed excitement that we've come to expect from the franchise.

Seemingly set in the '90s, thanks to the placement of a now-nearly-extinct Blockbuster Video store, the movie's entire storyline is still a mystery, but that's what trailers are for. Teasing, tempting, and trusting that the snippets and smatterings of suggestion will draw audiences by the boatloads to "a theater near you" on opening night.

Along with Larson (CapMarv/Carol Danvers), the trailer gives us a glimpse at some other big names who'll share the screen. Jude Law and Samuel L. Jackson have roles in the film, which will be full of Danvers' flashbacks, murky memories, and perhaps a curious case of amnesia. As Vulture's Abraham Riesman comments, "The main takeaway from the trailer is that the plot will revolve around Carol's amnesia. She presents as human and has flashes of memories about life on Earth — many of which we see, including a Little League game and some experience in the Air Force — but doesn't know her own backstory with any kind of detail. One can assume that her quest to understand how she got from point A to point B will be a central factor in the film."

While amnesia is sure to be interesting, look out for aliens too. As The Ringer explains, "The biggest threats in the MCU tend to come from outer space (see: the swole, genocidal purple thumb that is Thanos) and that won't be any different in Captain Marvel." And prepare for plenty of action that will keep Marvel fans mesmerized. As Vox describes, "The film promises to unpack the secret of her past and how it relates to her future as one of Earth's mightiest heroes."

To sum up what the film will focus on, ScreenRant shares, " It's confirmed that the movie is no origin story, but will instead kick off with Carol Danvers already serving as a member of the Kree Starforce. She travels back to her homeworld of Earth in order to deal with a Skrull invasion, but apparently discovers dark secrets in her own past."

As Marvel's first female-led superhero film, Captain Marvel is destined to be groundbreaking and full of "girl power." March can't come soon enough!

Check out the trailer below.

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