Desi Valentine Releases Soulful Album "Shades of Love"

The singer's evolution shines on his debut album.

Raised in London and now based in Los Angeles, Desi Valentine just released his debut album, Shades Of Love.

With over 14 million streams prior to Shades Of Love, Valentine has shared the stage with Elton John, Leona Lewis, and Andra Day. His sound blends blues, auras of jazz, cool soul, and flavors of pop with retro doo-wop and swanky horns. The album's highlights include the gospel-infused "Walk On Water," the bayou-dripping blues of "Altar," and the wickedly catchy "Help Me Remember."

Shades Of Love embodies Desi Valentine's evolution from tentative artist to strong vocalist, secure in his confidence and intense with emotion.

Shades of Love

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