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Fickle Friends Premiere Music Video for 'San Francisco'

A new video off the band's newest EP, 'Broken Sleep'

Fickle Friends' newest EP, Broken Sleep is an 80s dancehall throwback, a three-song selection that conjures images of pink lycra, fuzzy leg warmers, and white-hot neon. Today, the band released the music video for the EP's lead single, "San Francisco," a song about running away to a city that's been mythologized by the narrator.

"We went to play our first show in San Fran and had the best day/night there. I thought it would be cool to do another song in a similar 'Say No More' theme and talk about escapism in a narrative," said lead singer Natti Shiner. The video itself details a cross country journey through a stream of still images. What we're given is a frantically paced story of life on the road, a glimpse, in hundreds of pictures, at the band members' interior lives. From D.C. to the West Coast, the viewer travels with the band, from restaurant to bar to soundcheck to morning cigarettes and then back to the road again.

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