The Scariest Video Games To Play This Halloween

Trying to really scare yourself this Halloween?

While shooter video games like Doom and F.E.A.R. have plenty of scary moments, the survival horror genre has remained the go-to gaming subgenre for those seeking a truly terrifying ordeal.

As we all spend this Halloween at home, now is a great time to both revisit classics and delve back into the genre's forgotten gems. The subtle beauty of the survival-horror genre is that almost anyone can pick up and play, as entries are always more focused on creating a terrifying experience rather than on fast-paced gameplay, (though, as you'll see in this list, there are some exceptions). Here are the scariest video games for you to consume this Halloween.

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Hideo Kojima and the Rise of Video Games as Narrative Art

This week Tribeca Film Festival recognized Hideo Kojima as a true artist—whether he knows it or not.

Once upon a time, acclaimed movie critic Roger Ebert stated definitively that "video games will never be art."

It's the kind of absurd blanket statement that men who feel entitled to universal respect like to make without fear of being ridiculed. It's also the same response that the gate-keepers of aging media say each time a new form comes along.

"Sure, movies are great, but they'll never rise to the level of literature." "I like TV as much as the next guy, but you'll never see a TV show that can compete with The Godfather." "Can you please stop telling everyone that your Internet articles are 'better than Shakespeare?'"

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Aside from evil, irredeemable monsters, and perhaps also people with very bad allergies, everyone loves to pet animals.

Video games provide a space of limitless possibilities, where we can just as easily step into the greaves of a 13th century samurai as we can ride a motorcycle across a futuristic cyberpunk cityscape. Sometimes video games also have animals in them, and in a world where so much is possible, we must be allowed to pet them.

Sadly, far too many games fail this most basic of tests. Imagine going to all the trouble of intricately rendering a virtual animal and then deciding that you're not going to give players the ability to scratch its fuzzy widdle head. Absolutely ludicrous. Thankfully, some games—the best games—do deliver. These are some of those games:

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