LGBTQ activist and overall badass Gia Woods is the next big pop star.

As part of a new group of young women in pop music who write stories not affiliated with indifferent men, Gia Woods is leading the charge for young lesbians everywhere. Her breakout single "Only a Girl," served as a coming out anthem for both herself and other young women, and solidified her as a unique artist to watch in 2019. Woods recently stopped by the Popdust office to discuss her rise to fame, her journey to self-love, and writing her new single "Jump the Fence," which you can check out below.

Popdust Exclusive | Gia Woods

Her latest bop has just as much flair as her debut, and is an ode to totally letting loose.

Gia Woods - Jump The Fence

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For more from Gia, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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