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Mountain Head Premieres "We Stole Your Head"

Psychedelic alt-rock designed to split open your skull.

Meet Mountain Head, a psychedelic alt-rock band made up of the Hannah Brothers, an enigmatic duo premiering "We Stole Your Head" on Popdust.

According to Mountain Head, "'We Stole Your Head' is a reminder to be here now, and connect with life. There are a lot of things out there looking to take your head and lead it down an endless labyrinth. But us? We'll give it back to you."

Like Moses, the mysterious duo wandered through the wasteland and arrived at a mountain, which they scaled. At the top, they discovered a shaman who changed the brothers' lives and way of thinking forever.

Descending the mountain, they channeled Johnny Cash, Flavor Flav, and Billy Gibbons. Dressed in black denim, rocking solid gold grills and long beards, their eyes were obscured by heavy shadows from the brims of their black hats.

The most startling change was their music, full of subterranean grooves, a plump cavernous bass line, and a jangly, grungy guitar. Their sound blends psych-rock, alt-rock, and elements of electro-pop and jangle pop into unique and potent sonic concoctions.

Mountain Head's goal is to travel to your city and steal your head by means of mesmerizing vocals and contagious melodies. They're skull bandits, but polite ones, because after they steal your head, they give it back to you. According to Mountain Head, the only way to hold on to your head is to lose it.

"We Stole Your Head" opens on thrumming synths and a massive bass line, pulsing from the bowels of the earth. A voice enters, infusing the tune with alluring timbres and sighing inflections. Popping accents accompany a fluent synth tone. As the music climaxes, shimmering colors suffuse the harmonics.

Cool and stylish, "We Stole Your Head" will definitely pilfer your senses and your skull.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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