Panic Division Releases Vibrant Music Video for Single "Graveyards"

San Antonio based project releases music video for 80's inspired track ahead of album launch.

After 3 years of fine-tuning their sound and blending together elements of their past alt-rock and current dream pop aesthetic, Panic Division's tireless work-ethic has culminated in "Graveyards," a fantastic new single and compelling music video by longtime friend and director Diego Chavez.

The video is vibrant and whimsical, and skillfully disguises the song's heart wrenching and introspective lyrics. "It was just kind of me and Diego independently doing everything ourselves. From running a Black Magic camera that shoots in 4K and 60 fps, and running a bunch of gear and lenses. We handled it all ourselves. It was completely DIY."

According to Holliday, the funky beat of the song juxtaposes the dark subject matter, exploring the lives of two people who are at the beginning of their relationship and unable to move past the other's mistakes and baggage. "The song is about two people in a relationship in a graveyard, standing over the others graves with a shovel and just digging obsessively [to see] who has a bigger hole and holds more secrets."

This same juxtaposition carries over into the video with its quick, eye-catching scenes and retro, feel-good persona. Viewers follow the clip's main character, a beautiful and mysterious woman, as she lets loose and dances in a roller rink alone, singing along to the track. The rest of the video alternates the dance scene cuts to glimpses of her obsessive folding and hanging of origami paper cranes all over the back of her vintage VW van.

Towards the end, viewers see her writing what looks to be a letter, that then gets folded into a paper crane and burned. According to Holliday, he and Chavez wanted to leave the video vague and up for interpretation so that people could create their own story for this mysterious traveler.

The music video for "Graveyards" sets the tone for Panic Division's upcoming album Touch, which is set to be released June 14. The record, all written and recorded by Holliday, ushers in a new, 80's pop-inspired era for the project, and features eleven tracks of dreamy, atmospheric, electronic pop. "It was really hard for us to choose which of the tracks we were going to push as singles," said Holliday. "A lot of them have real, 80's throwback vibes to them… they kinda emulate old school Madonna."

Check out Panic Division's vibrant music video for "Graveyards" below!

Panic Division - Graveyards

Stream "Graveyards" now!


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