Popdust Presents | Forest Blakk pops bottles with Popdust

FOREST BLAKK releases a cover of "Hero" by Family of the Year

New stage. New season. Unbelievable first episode.

The Popdust Staff was nervous about this first episode because we had just moved offices on January 1st, into a new building right in the middle of Times Square, right after New Years Eve. But we built a new studio and painted a sign, making it even better. So we took a month off to prepare. That month seemed like an eternity and in reality those four weeks were a much needed breather from the stream of talented artists coming through our doors. When we come back, we wanted to come back strong. We were lucky enough to kick it off with Forest Blakk

The singer-songwriter has teamed up with Billboard to premiere his cover of Family of the Year's "Hero." You may be familiar with the original track, which appeared in Richard Linklater's critically acclaimed film Boyhood. The track personally resonated with Blakk and only seemed natural to add to his collection of covers.

Blakk added: "[It] was just one of those songs that really hit me. I saw myself in the lyrics. I heard my thoughts in the melodies. I felt like that song was written just for me."

Forest and Christoph are so talented and set the tone for an excellent year! See the chemistry that has Germany swaying to the wistful yearning "Love Me" conveys.

WATCH "Love Me"

Not only was it a great performance, we had such a compelling conversation with host Brent Butler about how music is a major contributor to positivity, enriching all of our lives.


Behind the scenes was no different. We were poppin' bottles for a few after the broadcast. It is a family vibe here and prefer to keep it real chill. Relax, sit back and enjoy the antics of the Popdust crew!

Blakk takes this anthem to another level with assistance from his keyboardist, Christoph Stiller, aka The Squid.

Blakk stated: "This past year has been incredibly exciting for me. More and more people keep finding their way to my music and art and to be honest, it still doesn't feel real to me. I love that my fans get to be a part of my life... The best part is I still have so much more to share! I'm really looking forward to what 2018 has in store for all of us as I keep putting my heart out on the line."


Most recently, Blakk released a very special spoken word piece entitled "Swipe Right." Before pursuing music as a career, Blakk started out as a poet. With this piece, he has revisited his roots to pass along one single message – you are worth something.

It was a great way to kick this year's journey off. Forest and Christoph were amazing guests. Not only did we have an excellent night of music, but connected as creatives. Choosing love to inspire. Who could do better than than, plus make a sickly sweet Stay tuned for more... Popdust Presents: Season 2

Watch: "Love Me" | "Where I First Found You" | Swipe Right

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