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Introducing The Real Becky Hill

Ahead of her new album, Believe Me Now?, Hill reflects on sexual assault, her career so far, and womanhood.

TW: This article contains mentions of sexual assault.

A few months ago, I sat with Becky Hill backstage before her sold-out Brooklyn Steele performance. As we chatted about her collaborations and the struggle of being taken seriously as a solo artist, I could feel Hill's passion. She's an artist who takes her craft very seriously, someone who's both humble and fiery all at once, with a voice that can bring an entire room together.

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Jordan Rakei talks to Popdust about his new album The Loop, Abbey Road, and going on a world tour

We’re always in the process of relearning the same lessons. For most of us, growing up is about unpacking, unlearning, then re-learning a set of repeated themes. And through each stage of our life, we see them differently and understand them more clearly. We might even think we’re done. Checked healing off the list and moved on — until, as we inevitably change, yet another version of these challenges confronts us.

It might seem Sisyphian, but in Jordan Rakei’s latest release, The Loop, it’s satisfying, too.

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When R3HAB and Jason Derulo first stitched their music together on their first collab, they knew they had something special. Six years ago, two idols in their respective genres decided that not only could they make good music together with R3HAB's remix of Derulo's "Goodbye"...but they instantly understood this was the start of a lasting relationship where they'd create hit after hit for years.

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New York is home to an abundance of A-listers and socialites, the Met Gala, a rich sports history, and a strong hand in the music industry. In terms of music hotspots, the Big Apple reigns as the East Coast capital for major record labels, festivals, and stunning venues.

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Now that we're in the wake of Taylor Swift's epic release of The Tortured Poets Department anthology, other artists have gathered the courage to release music yet again...I mean, the album literally broke every Spotify record in the book- already surpassing 1 billion streams in five days, she has the most streamed song and album in a single day. You get the point.
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Happy Cowboy Carter day-- oops, I mean Friday -- to all who celebrate. Yes, it feels a bit sacrilegious to work on Opening Day, Beyonce's Release Day, and Good Friday, but I digress. Some of us have to stay strong and power through the workday while others are enjoying the singular sunny day we've had all week.

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