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Stella Santana talks with Popdust about her new EP, 'Yayaya'

The singer sat down with Popdust for an exclusive interview

Stella Santana talks with Popdust about her new EP, 'Yayaya'
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Interview: CLAY Speaks On How Trump Ruined Her Favorite Color

"I often remind my personal community and my larger community that 'small' impacts are of the utmost importance."


Breyona Holt

During a writing session back in 2018, LA singer and activist CLAY walked in determined to write a song about Donald Trump.

"He ruined the color orange," she told me. But the glossy track is a snappy burst of neo-soul, and is melodically optimistic, camouflaging its dark sentiment. "You took away my color," CLAY calls out. "You know that was my favorite one."

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Interview: YelloPain Talks Viral Hit "My Vote Don't Count" and How Voting Makes Real Change

In this exclusive interview, YelloPain talks about his viral hit song and how his stance on voting has changed along with his outlook on politics and the community.

YelloPain: My Vote Don't Count

With Election Day only one day away, rapper YelloPain discusses why your vote not only counts, but amounts to change.

His words and music are necessary reminders to join the headcount, hold your local politicians accountable, and VOTE.

YelloPain grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Discouraged by the living conditions and lack of resources available to get ahead, he gave up on the government. But he has realized that in order to fix the system you have to understand the system, so he is spreading knowledge about how government works and how to make your vote count. Now, he's encouraging everyone to hit the polls in the upcoming election.

His song "My Vote Don't Count" gained millions of views across multiple social media platforms, and the reaction he has received from fans and his peers back home has given him hope that change will come to the communities that need it the most.

YelloPain does not just rap about social empowerment and voting; his actions match his words. He has personally been registering new voters within his community, and his music is bringing his message to the masses. For anyone who still thinks their vote doesn't count, check out YelloPain's music video and let him break it down for you.

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