Ashton Irwin bursts into our scheduled Zoom meeting like a ray of light. You can tell he's every bit as happy-go-lucky as he seems, simply introducing himself in a lighthearted manner, "Hi, I'm Ashton!"

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Kaleah Lee Won’t Pull The Fire Alarm (But She’ll Think About It)

Kaleah Lee talks tour, sad-girl songwriting, and her latest EP, Birdwatcher

When Kaleah Lee tells me she only started writing songs during the pandemic, I can’t hide my surprise. Her lyricism has the practiced sharpness of someone who has been honing their craft for decades. And her production — which she does herself in her bedroom — is subtle and simmering with emotion. This is bedroom pop at its peak, but not what you’d expect.

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Jordan Rakei talks to Popdust about his new album The Loop, Abbey Road, and going on a world tour

We’re always in the process of relearning the same lessons. For most of us, growing up is about unpacking, unlearning, then re-learning a set of repeated themes. And through each stage of our life, we see them differently and understand them more clearly. We might even think we’re done. Checked healing off the list and moved on — until, as we inevitably change, yet another version of these challenges confronts us.

It might seem Sisyphian, but in Jordan Rakei’s latest release, The Loop, it’s satisfying, too.

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Alan Walker and Kylie Cantrall Talk Their New Single, "Unsure"

An exclusive double-feature interview

Alan Walker has the It Factor when it comes to producing high-quality EDM tracks. At only age 18, he began trailblazing a path to become one of the most iconic DJs of all time by releasing his hit song, "Faded." Now nine years later, Alan Walker has created a dynasty for himself.

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When R3HAB and Jason Derulo first stitched their music together on their first collab, they knew they had something special. Six years ago, two idols in their respective genres decided that not only could they make good music together with R3HAB's remix of Derulo's "Goodbye"...but they instantly understood this was the start of a lasting relationship where they'd create hit after hit for years.

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Akira Galaxy: Rockstar, Poet

Akira Galaxy is part rockstar, part poet, and full romantic. We talked to her at SXSW 2024 about her debut EP, “What’s Inside You.”

Akira Galaxy is a romantic. You can hear it in her music. You can see it in her music videos as she runs across Normandy in a glittering bodysuit. Even when she’s on stage in a vintage nightgown, strumming a glittering silver guitar. I encountered it firsthand in Austin, Texas, while she sat in between SXSW sets, telling me how she’s been reading Eros: The Bittersweet in her spare time.

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