There are a few things in life I’m absolutely positive of and this is one: I would have gone feral for Elvis.

In another life, I was born to be a roadie. Going on tour buses with bands across the country, living my best life with my rockstar boyfriend.

That lifestyle isn’t new – Elvis started all of it indirectly. He mesmerized people with hip-shaking dance movements and promiscuous lyrics. He made both men and women want to be freer when it came to music.

Over the years there have been plenty of odes to Elvis Presley. Many have played the crooning heartthrob, but few have done it with success. Filing those blue suede shoes is an incredible daunting project – there’s so much to get right, and so many opportunities for error and criticism.

People want an Elvis that makes them feel like he’s still with us; still an unfound symbol; still impacting the music industry as we speak. They want a star they can continue rooting for after the credits roll. For Baz Lurhmann, Austin Butler was everything and more.

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Nothing makes a person feel famous quite like sauntering around the city during summer with a nice pair of sunnies covering 98% of your face. The incognito stroll in a fresh outfit brings indescribable Hadid sister-level confidence. Give me a huge pair of shades and an iced coffee and I’m suddenly in New York Fashion Week.

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory. They block your eyes from the sun so you’re not all squinty in photos, provide shade when you’re hungover, and serve as perfect cover to stare at people. Whether it be people-watching or concealing those dark undereye bags, sunnies are never a bad addition to an outfit.

With every summer comes the dream of achieving influencer-celebrity-level street style. But the dream is actually fairly attainable: copy their accessories.

So, if you seek to mimic the iconic looks of Jen Aniston, Hailey Bieber, or Hollywood’s hottest women, look no further. Turns out the titans have been wearing our tried and trues the entire time: Ray-Ban. I’ve put my finger on the exact sunnies to make you look like a celeb, even if your paycheck isn’t quite as big as theirs.

Walk The Runway Like Emily Ratajkowski In Wayfarers

Let it be known that I will copy the street style of models. EmRata stays slaying when it comes to her low-rise jeans, plain crop top, and black sunglasses look. She’s the walking definition of an off-duty model – an essence that can only be captured by Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Ray-Bans have always been cool. When you think of Wayfarer styles, up pops a mirage of timeless aviators, James Dean, and all things dangerous and hot.

The Wayfarers aren’t just for women, either. Anyone looking for a cool-yet-casual look can – and should – embrace Ray-Ban. Some of Hollywood’s leading men are often caught in these shades – Leonardo DiCaprio wore them in The Wolf of Wall Street. Just like Leo, they stand the test of time and are endlessly in style.

Capture Jennifer Aniston’s Effortless Look in Aviators

Jennifer Aniston is always flawless and doesn’t look a day over Rachel Green. Her infuriating beauty has us all following her every move – how does she forever remain the Fountain of Youth?

Sure, we’ve seen Jen rock the classic Ray-Ban Aviators, but we’d also like to think Rachel herself would wear them too – what’s better than that? Aviators look good with any outfit, whether it be casual sweats or a full-blown brunch get-up.

V. Presidential

They may be made in Italy, but Ray-Bans are integral to American culture and have been sported by the most famous people in the world. John F. Kennedy was often photographed in Wayfarers, while more recent presidents like Barack Obama and Joe Biden are known for rocking a pair of Aviators.

Ray-Ban is to sunglasses is what Heinz is to ketchup. The game truly wouldn’t be the same without the age-old, timeless classic you keep coming back to. Besides those two classic styles – Wayfarer and Aviator – there are a variety of thrilling options to choose from.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are awesome because both men and women can rock the same exact pair. Gender fluidity in clothing and accessories is amazing and I’m absolutely here for it. Plus, I love anything that makes gift shopping easier.

This summer when you’re feeling like your outfit’s missing a little excitement, add a pair of sunglasses for that “no photos, please” look.

POV: Scrolling through Instagram, maybe stalking your ex’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s new baby, and you happen to get served an ad for your dream dress. But not just any dream dress… your dream dress. As in the dream dress you conjured when you were 17 years old and never found – even down to the pleat.

Creepy, maybe. But on point, definitely. Who cares how it got there? You click the ad and are directed to a tiny Instagram page with less than three thousand followers. You stop.

This could be where you back out and return to baby-scrolling, but personally, I’m passing GO. I want these Instagram ads to work out so badly that I’ll see it through til the end, even if I risk getting hurt.

I choose to believe in the Instagram ad. With my very own eyes, I’ve seen it work out more times than not. Some of my best looks are in outfits purchased from an IG Ad clothing brand. In fact, Her Pony, a boho-chic, Vanessa-Hudgens-Coachella vibe, is one of my favorite brands that I wouldn’t have found without Instagram.

My one shred of advice when it comes to the ads: buy the clothing, not the knick knacks. Even my friends can back me on this. They had great things to say about bathing suits, vests, dresses, sets, and more…but nothing positive to say about the handheld blender they bought.

My Ritual For Saving My Gut Health

Recently, I’ve been on a major hot girl health kick, so it’s only fair that my Instagram ads follow suit with probiotics and powdered greens. Yum. And now that I’ve written this piece, I can’t imagine what they’re going to look like.

When I hear of a women-owned brand that creates evidence-based products, meaning they have been tested on people so they actually work, I am going to go crazy. Naturally, this happened when I found out about Ritual.

Ritual popped up on my feed and I will admit that I second guessed the legitimacy of it for a moment. It’s one thing to buy clothes to put on your body from IG, but another to buy supplements to put in your body. However, Ritual has proven results to back them up.

Originally, Ritual only offered multivitamins for a range of demos, but they now have a line of gut health synbiotics.

Ritual probiotics Instagram ad

A synbiotic is a combo of pre-,pro-, and postbiotics to optimize your digestive system and heal your gut. I.e. – the missing piece to all my gut problems?! I’m sold.

What I liked even more was Ritual’s website. They tell you exactly where they source their ingredients and the role they play in your digestion. It’s super informative and every product has crazy attention to detail. It didn’t feel like another cleverly-placed IG ad, but something that could really help – and something I’d eventually seek out.

Trust The Ad Process

All in all, I’d say give the Instagram ad a go. If you’re feeling a bit wary of the quality, go online and Google the brand! Life looks a little better and more glamorous on Instagram, so it’s no shock that we’ve written off most Instagram ads as fake. But, there are some worth the risk.

Stick to clothes. Ditch the knick-knacks. And follow your gut. As a Philadelphia sports fan, there’s a saying I relate to many life situations, especially Instagram ads: Trust The Process.

Ah, Coachella. The one time of year influencers are thrust into the wild open desert and unashamedly mouth the wrong words to the headliner’s music. Coachella is like the Met Gala, just slightly less exclusive because you, too, can get a ticket and experience the weekend-long music festival. (Or just watch it on Instagram courtesy of a million boomerangs.)

With Frank Ocean allegedly headlining the 2023 festival and tickets going on sale any day now, there’s no better time to get on my soapbox. While influencers make Coachella look like it’s all sunshine and rainbows, let me tell you what it’s like to go as a mere mortal. I’m here to give you the realistic Coachella experience, as told by someone who currently has a negative bank account balance.

Let it be known that I’m a ride-or-die Harry Styles fan – I will spend my life savings to fly cross-country and see him. When I heard he was headlining his first ever music festival, I knew I had to move heaven and earth to be in that desert. Even if it might cost me a kidney – and definitely a liver.

While I would love to tell you that getting to Palm Springs was a breeze on my PJ, I would absolutely be lying. The journey to Coachella was of the most mentally and physically taxing events of my entire life. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it definitely buys an easier trip to Coachella.

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Father’s Day Shopping Shouldn’t Be Traumatizing - But Here We Are

Gifts To Get Your Dad So When He Throws Them Out You Can Have Them

Father’s Day is a brutal reminder that we don’t really know our fathers at all. First off, the holiday whips around after Memorial Day at lightning speed. So, not only am I recovering from the ripping hangover - well into midweek - but now I have to use my headache-ridden brain find the perfect gift for my dad!?!

Every year without fail I face the cold truth that gifting to men is quite possibly the most difficult thing ever – second only to gifting to your father. My dad isn’t the rugged type that likes camping or catching his meals with his bare hands, so there goes the Home Depot gift card. And I have enough dignity as to resist the impersonal gift of red meat or a smartwatch.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we can all universally agree that shopping for men is far more difficult than necessary. However, I’ve fallen on the sword for all of us and have dug into gifts that your dad just might actually use.

With the few brain cells I had left, I thought about what wouldn’t be kept in a drawer for two more years and then thrown out on spring cleaning day. Since we’re in a time crunch after all, every one of these items can be found on Amazon and in your dad’s hands in no time.

You may think this is the absolute worst, most laughable idea to include on a gift list for your father, but hear me out: we’re approaching the hottest months of the entire year and no one hates overheating or ‘ringing up the AC bill’ as much as dads.

Whether he’s relaxing on the beach somewhere or just coming in from work outside, there will be a time he announces that it “sure is a hot one out there today,” even though we all already know. Enter the portable hand fan that he can recharge and use anywhere he wants.

Disclaimer: I actually bought one of these for a music festival and it saved my life, so even if he hates it just take it for yourself.

Staying on the summer gift trend, an ice roller is another unique gift to get your father this year. All you have to do is throw this little guy in the freezer and in a few hours, you’ll hold the key to instant cool. This ice roller can de-puff your face, provide some needed migraine-relief, and also make your hangover a little less unbearable – I mean his. His hangover. It can also be used on areas that need to be iced for pain relief and swelling, so it isn’t strictly for your face.

Even if your old man doesn’t listen to music, chances are there’s a podcast or a rerun of some game he wants to blast at full volume. Not techy? No problem – it’s all through bluetooth and really doesn’t require a lot of skill to use. Take it to the garage, the park, or wherever dads go. It’s even waterproof so it’ll survive the beach this summer, too.

Nothing screams “dad” like a multi-use product – or beers. Getting him a six pack of his favorite doesn’t seem that considerate, but put the beers in a cooler-speaker combo and we’re in business. Good on the green or the beach, this cooler with bluetooth speakers keeps his drinks cold and his music loud. This cooler can be taken anywhere and is also rechargeable so there aren’t any pesky battery purchases.

Behind door number five is the gadget dad. With an endless amount of Apple products - thus meaning you can’t get him AirPods because he has them already - the charging dock ist the way to go. The charging dock can fit on his desk at work or on his bedside table and is equipped to charge six items all at once. Now he won’t have an excuse not to answer your calls when you need a loan.


Dads, they’re just like us. And these gifts are sure-fire win-win’s. If not for your dad, then for you

Love Island is one of those shows that I didn’t want to like but then became unhealthily obsessed with. Like you know that episode of Euphoria where Rue is in bed just binge-watching The Island? That kind of thing, playing at all hours of the day.

Say, my roommates and I want to share a message on our phones, we shout “I’ve got a text” in our best British accents - Love Island-style. And when we go home, we refer to our apartment as the “villa,” also in our posh British accents. I’m sharing this to emphasize how truly immersed I am in the Love Island culture - otherwise, this is just me embarrassing myself.

What sucked me into the world of Love Island was how completely unhinged season one is. Like they weren’t sure if people were going to watch it - so they let the contestants get super drunk and do absolutely anything. It’s intoxicating – and rivals the itch that only Jersey Shore can scratch?

The whole point of the show is to be the last couple standing and win cash prizes. Oh-sorry. I mean, the point is to be the last couple standing and ride off into the sunset, madly in love. Kind of a wild concept if you ask me.

Arguably, the most attractive part about Love Island is their bespoke water bottles with contestants’ names on them. Slap a name on there, and voilà! that water looks delectable. If you know, you know. People literally sell these water bottles on Etsy because everyone wants one - my roommate, Meghan, has it. (If you’re reading this, hi Meggy!)

Recently, the Islanders have returned to the villa to an interesting set of contestants - ostriches. Yes, you read that right, a herd of ostriches has set up camp right on the villa grounds which has caused producers to panic. These long-legged birds can reach a frightening speed of 45 mph and quite literally give the contestants a run for their money.

As weeks go by, the heat drives the islanders virtually insane, which makes for preposterous telly. The contestants are forced into the hot sun with nothing but frozen cocktails to drink - poor things. All this makes everyone just a smidge crazier. I’m convinced the producers did this on purpose just to see what drama would happen.

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