Is Everyone Pregnant?

Rihanna’s Vogue Cover, Britney Spears’s Pregnancy Announcement, and the Evolution of Maternity and Baby Style

One of the biggest comebacks of the past year — the decade? Century? Of all time? — is Britney Spears.

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Most Exciting Products in the December Allure Beauty Box

Treat yourself or a friend to an Allure Beauty Box subscription for all the latest beauty and skincare products for just $23!

This holiday season, don’t be afraid to shop for yourself.

I’m certainly not. Gone are the days I’d be embarrassed every time I declined gift wrapping for any shall we say idiosyncratic December purchases — “it’s for me…” I begrudgingly admitted. I now take pride in these moments of self-indulgence. After all, you have to treat yourself.

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Fashion Roundup: Best Outfits of the Season So Far

Fashion Week, Venice Film Festival, VMAs, oh my!


Fall fashion so far? A feast.

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Culture Feature

This Haunts Me: Murderous Cartoon Animals of the 2000s

Web shows like "Happy Tree Friends" and "Llamas With Hats" emblemize a disturbing trend that I can't shake from my memory.

Last week, a friend of mine brought to our group chat a question that'd leave my brain spinning with nostalgia for the rest of the day: "What's everyone's favorite terrible viral video from the 2000s?"

We immediately covered the basics: Original songs like "Shoes" and "Chocolate Rain," the purely insane (but still sort of relevant?) "Leave Britney Alone," the insta-party trick "Daft Hands," and Weezer's "Pork and Beans" music video that managed to convene all the aforementioned videos into one nifty time capsule. Soon, we were discussing the deep cuts of mid-2000s YouTube virality, including the equally adorable and disturbing animated web series "Happy Tree Friends."

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Hot Take: I Don't Want Any More Off-White x Nike Sneaker Collabs

Quit While You're Ahead, Virgil… Enough is Enough.

I'll be the first to admit it: Virgil Abloh deserves to go down in Sneaker History for his first set of Nike Collaborations, The Ten.

When Nike first announced their partnership with Virgil Abloh of the streetwear favorite brand, Off-White, the collection was quick to gain notoriety. Since then "The Ten" have all become some of streetwear's most coveted sneakers.

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