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In the early days of artist discovery through music videos, MTV reigned supreme… Reaching #1 on MTV's Total Request Live meant you were real, you were hot, and the spotlight was yours. For a moment in time, video killed the radio. MTV made more hit songs and pop stars and fan crushes than any other single outlet.

Fast forward to the present, and social media owns the zeitgeist in music and all the other performing arts. YouTube and Facebook are the new frontier, the Wild West of emerging talent. The explosion of talent is awesome, but it's also a hot mess. How do you know who and what is worth watching? Popdust, that's how! We find the most talented performers and the best new stuff, and we serve it all up to you.

Popdust is the homepage for tomorrow's rising stars.


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Matt Clibanoff - Lead Editor

Brooke Johnson - Assistant Editor

Meg Hanson - Staff Writer

Rebecca Linde - Staff Writer


Brent Butler - General Manager

Megan Oots - Strategy Associate

Deascent - Senior Content Strategist

Melissa Driver - Social Media Manager


Melissa Kay

Rachel Hall

Nathaniel Nelson

Thomas BS

Juliet Mazer-Schmidt

Dan Escalona

Jamie Broadnax

Randy Radic

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