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POPDUST is a music and culture website dedicated to bringing you all the content you need to survive the End Times, from climate crisis and the ravages of capitalism to the algorithms of pop music in the age of K-pop. Inspired by memes, binge-watching, and rigorous analyses of Twitter's trending topics, we showcase musicians worth caring about and cover cultural trends, events, and individuals shaping the future (for better or worse). Is modern life hilarious? You bet. Are we terrified? Definitely. Located at the crossroads of Internet humor and cultural critique, we're here to deliver you to the future—where Bernie Sanders is president, boomers are blocked from the internet, and Taylor Swift is happy.


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Brooke Johnson - Lead Editor

Mackenzie Cummings-Grady - Copy Editor/SEO Expert

Meg Hanson - Editor

Dan Kahan - Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer

Eden Gordon - Senior Staff Writer


Brent Butler - General Manager

Melissa Driver - Social Media Manager

Deascent - Content Strategist

Zakiyah Woodson - Video Editor

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