Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to show our love with a thoughtful present that Dad will actually use. If, like us, you’ve already covered kooky socks, electronics, pricey whiskey, wallets, beef jerky floral arrangements, car accessories, stupid jokey gifties, and have absolutely no clue about what to gift next, look no further…

Our editors went on a mission to find that one present that all fathers out there will truly appreciate. Meet: Beard Club - a wellness company offering top-notch grooming & growth essentials, and premium ingredients that streamline shaving routines while helping men grow and maintain a healthy beard.

Beard Club offers all things beard, no matter what look your dad wants to achieve. Whether it’s stubble, hipster, trendy, fashionable, long, full, or a sleek goatee, gifting one of their Beard Growth Kits will be a Father's Day gift slam dunk.

There’s The Starter Kit ($60*), The Advanced Kit ($75*), or The Ultimate Kit ($125*). Plus, Beard Club’s running a fantastic Father’s Day sale and offering our readers 25% off, so keep reading...

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer has a razor-sharp blade for a clean cut, 8 color-coded guides for 45 unique beard-trimming lengths — giving you a personalized cut. And 3 hours of battery life per charge!
  • Beard Derma Roller is designed to stimulate new beard and hair growth, plus it will help improve the look and feel of skin.
  • Beard Shampoo is designed specifically for beards. A genius mix of Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera, and oils like Coconut, Castor, and Jojoba, it keeps the beard follicles dandruff-free.
  • Derma Roller Cleansing Spray is made to be used before and after your derma roller to not only keep it clean but prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your skin.
  • Beard Growth Oil blends healthy oils like Castor and Coconut Oil and stimulates facial hair growth. It softens the skin, eliminates irritation and split ends, while rejuvenating thick beard hair — an outstanding beard enhancer.
  • Beard Growth Vitamin Spray features Biotin, Bamboo, Vitamin D, Peppermint, and Lavender Hydrosol. The spray applicator keeps beards hydrated all day long while Dad’s out getting s***t done!
  • Beard Growth Vitamins that support healthy bodily functions, healthy Testosterone production, and are known for their positive effect on the growth of healthy hair, beard, and skin.

Beard Club’s quick quiz allows your dad to customize his plan so that it suits his needs. Depending on the kit you order, there are different extra products like the Boar Bristle Brush.

The Straight Edge Razor is perfectly balanced to hold and control your hand. It comes with 10 stainless steel razors to maximize durability and precision — so he can control all those strays. You can also receive the Folding Beard Comb, Travel Bag, and Mustache Comb.

Dads love their beards and can spend hours caring for them. With no harmful chemicals, Beard Club’s quick-and-easy grooming tools get the job done and let dad get back to his day.

So whether your ol’ man has a sophisticated beard, a sexy stache, or a goatee, a kit from Beard Club is the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Don’t miss out and order now to claim your 25% discount.

Use Code ‘POPDUST25’ And Join The Club Today!

*Prices after discount applied.

Minimalism is an extremely popular aesthetic when it comes to designing a modern bedroom. An uncluttered, clean space is super important to come home to after a busy day out. Our editors were looking for a bed and dresser that embraces this “less-is-more” design philosophy.

We found The Bed and The Dresser by Thuma

The Bed is handcrafted with 100% upcycled rubberwood meant to last a lifetime. Its thoughtful, seamless design suits any room and is available in three timeless stains – Natural, Walnut, and Espresso.

This perfect platform bed frame opens up any room and provides plenty of underbed storage space. Plus, The Bed provides optimal support and noise minimization, thanks to the cushioned slats.

Thuma uses a traditional Japanese joinery technique to craft their beds, making assembling and disassembling a breeze. No tools are needed for assembly, each piece simply locks into place. All parts come packed in easy-to-carry boxes that fit through any door and around tight hallways.

Made of 100% upcycled rubberwood, The Dresser features an innovative modular system, soft-close drawers, and is available in the same three stains as The Bed. Designed with flexibility in mind, add or remove drawers as needed to completely customize your storage space. Assembly is just as easy as The Bed, drawers come ready to nest, no tools required.

Together, The Bed and The Dresser will seamlessly fit into any bedroom style. An added bonus is that The Bed and The Dresser are GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning they’ve met some of the world's most rigorous third-party emissions standards.

Elevate your bedroom with The Bed and The Dresser by Thuma. Premium craftsmanship and thoughtful design make them our number one choice for a modern, minimalist bedroom.

Meet the Bedroom Suite

As my boyfriend Caleb’s birthday comes around, I’m left with the biggest challenge of the year – What the hell do I get him? I’ve done gift cards, wallets, and aftershave too many times. I wish it wasn’t soo hard to find a unique gift for guys.

I didn’t want to get him another pair of socks or a memento he’ll rarely use. So I asked around and a friend mentioned Dr. Squatch. It’s a fantastic personal wellness brand that helps men streamline their hygiene routines with a wide range of natural soaps, deodorants, beard oils, and more.

That seemed doable – you can never have too much soap, right? Caleb could care less about his soap – he usually picks the cheapest one in the drugstore. On the other hand, I’m incredibly picky regarding my personal care products. I read every single label and only use brands with natural ingredients.

I kept trying to tell Caleb that generic brands water down their ingredients – and what does “Super Fresh” even mean?! Not to mention all the harsh chemicals they use. When digging deeper into Dr. Squatch, I noticed that their traditional cold process technique locks nutrients in each bar that nourishes and hydrates skin. Made in the USA, Dr. Squatch bars feature a comprehensive glossary of clean ingredients.

I bit the bullet and ordered the Clean Bundle which included Cedar Citrus, Grapefruit IPA and Pine Tar soap which came with a soap saver. The minute the box arrived, I couldn’t wait for Caleb to open it. Even before opening the box, the scent gently enveloped us. It was woodsy – much better than those generic brands that smell like cheap candles.

Like me, Caleb loved the scent but he was concerned that natural soap wouldn’t be effective. Would it keep him clean? And how long would it last, considering it costs a bit more than drugstore body wash?

After Caleb’s first Dr. Squatch shower, he raved about how sudsy the Pine Tar bar is – way more than other soaps. It has oatmeal in it, so great for exfoliating. And the shea butter soothes his skin so it feels softer than ever.

I was afraid it might be an odd gift, but boy, was I wrong. Caleb’s completely obsessed with all things Dr. Squatch. Since then, he’s ordered a bunch of their bundles that include different soap scents, soap savers, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and even cologne. From Citrus, Spearmint Basil, Coconut, Eucalyptus – you won’t find these scents in a drugstore. Now he smells so ridiculously good that I can’t stay away from him!

Bonus: Every few months Dr. Squatch drops a new scent – limited edition duos are available!!!

Dr. Squatch’s soaps are made to refresh and hydrate, but the real treat is that you can get it delivered right to their door.

So this year, ditch those ties and socks and pick up Dr. Squatch for your partner instead. It's an amazing gift for any guy – and girls will love the scents too!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I bet you’re asking yourself that age-old question:

What kind of gift do I get for the Dad who already has it all?”

You’re not alone - Many of us have hit the wall when searching for that one incredible gift, only to realize our old man might not even enjoy it.

Thankfully, our Men’s Health Editors took to the internet to see what we could find and came across MANSCAPED®, a grooming company that has everything Dad needs to keep his beard in tip-top shape.

Whether for style, comfort, or simple hygiene reasons, it’s essential for all men to maintain their beards. And the most excellent tool, in our editors’ opinions, for managing such a task is none other than The Beard Hedger™.

Best known for their Performance Package 4.0, MANSCAPED® offers products that keep men trimmed below the waist, but The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit is the perfect gift for Father's Day.

With 20 length settings, The Beard Hedger™ is a waterproof* trimmer packed with a variety of settings for every guy, allowing Dads everywhere to ditch that clunky bag of old clipper attachments. Its unique cutting angle and built-in comb lift flat-lying hairs for seamless, single-stroke trimming. No worries, like most MANSCAPED® products, this beard trimmer is fool-proof and comes with an easy-to-follow set of instructions - AKA Dad’s grooming cheatsheet!

Starting at just over $90, some might initially see this as a gift that will break the bank, but what a smart investment. How much does Dad spend on those professional trims every few weeks? The Beard Hedger™ gives Dads that barbershop experience right in the comfort of their homes, which will trim more than costs.

Then there are the rest of the products in The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit:

  • Beard Shampoo - Helps cleanse and hydrate your burly bristles
  • Beard Conditioner - Antioxidants rehydrate hair, leaving it silky-soft
  • Beard Oil - Nutrient-rich oil helps restore moisture to the skin and boosts your natural shine
  • Beard Balm - a shea butter-infused pomade that keeps your beard photo-ready

Bonus gifts:

  • Beard Accessory Pack (A $49.97 value, free with the purchase of The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit)
    • Beard Brush
    • Beard Comb
    • Beard Scissors

It’s clear, The Beard Hedger™ paired with the Pro Kit: is the perfect gift for the Dad who already has it all or those who still shave with disposable razors! Using all of their premium products together will make Dad feel like a champion – yes, even your old man.

Let MANSCAPED® help Dad elevate his grooming ritual and take his styling to the next level.

FATHERS DAY LIMITED TIME OFFER: Order The Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit and Get 28% Off + FREE SHIPPING!

*IPX7 rated to protect against immersion in up to one meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. Learn more at www.manscaped.com/waterproof.

It's just about summer, and you know what that means...time to get outside and get active! But first, it’s time to ditch your ratty workout gear and invest in durable activewear that will last — without breaking the bank.

Our editors have been on the search for an activewear brand that has everything you could possibly need. No matter if you need gear for playing ball, heading off on a hike, or simply chilling on the couch.

Quite a few brands came close to ticking all of the boxes and, ultimately, two came out on top: Fabletics Men and Nike.

When we compared both to see which has the best activewear for men, here’s what we found:

Key Similarities:

  • Both brands design workout and sportswear that includes sports apparel, loungewear, and accessories
  • Both brands emphasize quality and use premium fabrics that maximize your workouts
  • Both brands provide access to workout apps that support your training

Key Differences:

  • Fabletics Men products average $24 (with VIP membership) | Nike products average $45+
  • Fabletics Men runs promotions regularly | Nike rarely has promotions on new drops except on major holidays
  • Fabletics Men’s $59.95 monthly membership has yearlong credits and promos | Nikes' membership offers new drops but few discounts

Fabletics Men

From shorts, joggers, pants, tees, tanks, vests, sweatshirts, and jackets, to socks and caps, everything you need is in one place — at an insane price. Fabletics’ innovative tech and premium fabrics ensure you’ll look and feel exceptional.

As a new VIP member, you'll find amazing deals like 70% off your first order, $24 Pants, 2 for $24 shorts, and 2 for $15 on tees and tanks.

Here's how it works: for $59.95 each month, members have exclusive access to new arrivals every week with 20-50% off. It’s a super flexible membership – just opt to ‘Skip-the-Month’ by the 5th and avoid being charged. If you forget to skip, Member Credits can be redeemed for any 2-piece outfit or item up to $100, online or in-store.Plus, there’s an entire year before your credit expires!

Not to mention, there’s free shipping, returns, and access to the Fabletics FIT App featuring trainer-led, on-demand workouts.

With Fabletics Men, it's all about quality, function, and style. We love Fabletics’ exclusive benefits and saving money so we stock up whenever we want.


We’ve all heard of Nike — one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world. Mainly known for their sneakers, they also have tons of clothes and accessories — from tees to workout clothes, fleece trousers, jackets, and hoodies.

Nike uses a bunch of different materials and technologies in their product line — all designed to optimize your workouts. Their prices are definitely higher than average: tees start at $45.96, and their workout shorts are $51.86. That’s a bit steep for us.

Nike’s membership program offers access to the Member Shop, which boasts a unique collection of Nike shoes and pieces only available to Nike Members. Although their membership is free, you don't get any extra discounts, so it doesn't feel like a membership at all.

Editor’s Note: Nike has special promos for holidays and special events, but the chance of finding your size is slim!

Final Thoughts

With Nike, while everything is fine quality, it feels like you’re paying for the brand name — and the advertising — more than anything else. Fabletics Men’s performance apparel is truly exceptional — hello, The Fundamental Short II and Training Day Muscle Tank!

Fabletics Men’s fabrics are anti-static, anti-stink, and a 4-way stretch that is made for heavy workout sessions, impromptu jogs, or even a pick-up game. All this, but at an incredible price point.

Although we’ve been loyal Nike users in the past, we're Fabletics Men now. In the end, it’s simply the better of the two because Fabletics has everything the big brands have and more.

With something for every guy out there and unbeatable offers like the 2 for $24 on shorts, you will want to make the switch to Fabletics Men today!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: New VIP Members Get 2 For $24 Shorts + $24 Pants + 70% OFF!

I'll just admit it, I was addicted to diet sodas, and other zero calorie drinks. Until one fateful afternoon, my girlfriend sent me an article about erythritol - a popular substance used as a diet sweetener.

After reading that, I thought about ditching all my diet beverages altogether. But I’m not a big fan of plain water – I need a little zest! So the idea of even cutting down on any beverage with diet sweeteners was daunting.

I shared the article at the office, and it garnered some buzz. My coworker, Tim, asked if I’d ever tried Hint Water.

“I'm not switching to water,” I thought. I was sure there had to be a more exciting step from soda to plain H2O.

Then Tim explained that it’s flavored water. They have so many different fruit flavorings, but his favorites are online exclusive Peach Raspberry and Hint’s newest flavor, Grape.

Still, I wasn’t convinced. I mean, was Hint truly any better than my favorite diet sodas? But Tim insisted that Hint was different. There’s zero sugar, zero diet sweeteners, and zero erythritol. It’s only purified water and fruit essences!

So I ordered 3 cases that included their top seller Watermelon, new Grape flavor, and Peach Raspberry (which is an online exclusive flavor!) at Tim’s suggestion. When I saw that new customers get 36 bottles for only $36 and over 45% off, with free shipping, I was thrilled!

As soon as my Hint bundle arrived at my doorstep, I was so thirsty I stood right here on my welcome mat and chugged a huge gulp of the Peach Raspberry.


I glanced at the label to see the ingredients, and I saw there was no sugar, no diet sweeteners, and NO erythritol. Hint provides the same benefits as drinking regular water, but with fun flavors and the convenience of home delivery – a new obsession begins!

I never imagined water would be my go-to. But now I bring Hint with me everywhere. I'm not going to lie – I sometimes miss diet sodas and diet drinks. But I'm happy with Hint because I avoid the dangerous ingredients of diet sweeteners.

Now, Tim and I text about our Hint obsession and discuss the latest flavors. I've tried them all, and Pineapple Peach (another online exclusive flavor), Grape, and Peach Raspberry are my favorites, hands down.

If you’re looking to cut diet sweeteners out of your diet but still want to enjoy tasty, thirst-quenching beverages, you’ve got to try Hint! New customers can try it for only $1 per bottle + FREE shipping. Try it today!

Customize your bundle of Hint waters today! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for $36 PLUS free shipping!