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What's Going on With Ayo Edebiri?

Is Ayo Edebiri dating Jeremy Allen White? Who’s to say. But is she the People’s Princess? Absolutely.

Not just anyone can earn the title “People’s Princess.” I mean, the moniker was first used to describe Princess Diana, so the bar is high. It describes someone who isn’t just iconic but feels relatable. But this is a tough balance to reach — especially for celebrities who are, by definition, not relatable. And many a female celeb — think Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway every 5 business years — has earned this title just to have the world turn on her and suddenly hate her for no reason. It’s called being woman’d, and it’s the flip side to being the people’s princess.

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If there’s one thing I consistently endorse, it’s the power of a music festival. You get the best bang for your buck by having the opportunity to see dozens of artists all for the price of one weekend pass…and you get the chance to find your next favorite artist.

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We’ve reached peak quiet luxury. Maybe that happened quickly, when influencers flooded the TL with that stunningly resilient trend striving to convince you that all you need to look like you stepped out of Succession was .. Zara? But now, with Stealth-Wealth and Recessioncore still topics of major interest, strange sartorial ephemera of the rich are emerging as piecemeal trends.

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Oh, Kim Kardashian. How you make it so difficult to defend you at times. Look, I even understood why you wore the iconic Marilyn dress to the Met Gala. I called you a visionary.

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A Flop and a Featherington: Colin’s Cringe Carriage Confession and Other Reasons Bridgerton Season 3 Didn’t Hit

Anyone else disappointed by Bridgerton Season 3? You’re not the only one.

Against all odds, I went into Bridgerton Season 3 with an open mind. Perhaps it was Shondaland’s masterclass in marketing: a teasing trailer, sumptuous snippets, and the reveal of their always-miraculous Bridgerton leading man glow-ups.

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