Sylvester Stallone's Dream Home Is for Sale (with One Nightmare-Inducing Feature)

The whole house looks amazing, but the master suite contains nightmares

Considering his career of playing barely-articulate purveyors of violence in Rocky, Rambo, and The Expendables, Sylvestor Stallone's mansion in La Quinta, California is surprisingly classy.

If you don't mind the faux-Italian villa aesthetic, the four-bedroom, five-bath home has a lot to offer. At nearly 5,000 square feet, the house is appointed with vaulted ceilings, multiple terraces, pools, and fireplaces. Located in a private community with its own golf course, the home's spacious rooms open onto lavish outdoor spaces with beautiful views of California's Coachella Valley. And while the $3.35 million asking price is a lot to ask, it's substantially less than Stallone paid for the house in 2010—more than a million dollars less. It's so much less that you may begin to wonder why the house is being offered at such a steep discount.

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Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Sucking Up to Donald Trump (and Attacking Twitter)

With Donald Trump preparing to crack down on social media, Mark Zuckerberg is echoing Trump's sentiments

Last week two of Donald Trump's tweets attacking mail-in voting were flagged by Twitter as inaccurate, with a link to clarifying information.

Predictably, President Trump did not take the note well and is now preparing to sign an executive order with the purpose of cracking down on social media companies. In a move that strikes at the very foundation of the Internet, the new order will seek to give the federal government authority over how these platforms moderate user content.

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Larry Kramer, AIDS activist and artist, passed away today at 84.

Kramer was known for his books Faggots and The American People, as well as climate-changing plays like The Normal Heart. His close friend and literary executor, William Schwalbe, told CNN that Kramer died of pneumonia."Larry made a huge contribution to our world as an activist but also as a writer," said Schwalbe, who had known Kramer for 57 years. "I believe that his plays and novels, from 'The Normal Heart' to 'The American People' will more than stand the test of time."

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