Why Did It Take so Long to Free Brittney Griner?

Brittney Griner is free. What next?

Brittney Griner, WNBA Star arrested and held in Russia since February, has finally been set free.

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Beloved French balladeer, Celine Dion, announced in an emotional video today that she has been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome and will be unable to embark on her European tour in February.

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We Spoke Too Soon - Love is Real and Alive in Hollywood

Keke Palmer Announced her Pregnancy Live on SNL

Live from New York City, it's Keke Palmer

via NBC

I thought love was dead in Hollywood when Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde announced their break up. It seems Miss Flo won in the Don’t Worry Darling saga, probably playing Taylor Swift’s “Karma” all the way to the bank. But just when I was gearing up for my own villain era (or “Bitch era” as EmRata has coined) in the wake of this monumental split, love came back in a big way. It’s a Christmas miracle!

And with a royal baby, at that!

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Emily Ratajkowski Loves the Puffer Jacket Trend As Much As We Do

The most stylish and comfortable coats to add to your winter wishlist

Emily Ratajkowski in a North Face Puffer

via @emrata on TikTok

The puffer jacket is the great equalizer. No matter who you are, what you look like, or where you’re from, when temperatures fall to freezing, you pull out your puffer jacket and join the rest of us cold, huddled masses shivering in solidarity.

We’ve all been there … getting all dressed up with somewhere to go … only to have your look utterly annihilated when you pile on that bulky-bulgy winter coat. I hate fussy coats. Wearing them on the subway, making a whole ordeal of stepping out to the bodega, peeling them off at a dinner party — when will it end?

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That Sweater Vest? In Italy?

The least likable character in Season 2 might also be the most hideously dressed. Depends on who you ask. But damn, if there aren’t some gems…

Portia’s White Lotus Season 2 Style is Peak American Abroad

via Warner Brothers Press Room/HBO

I hate everyone in the latest White Lotus season. But, undoubtedly, that’s the point. Like the award-winning cast of Season 1 — which put Sydney Sweeney on the map — this year’s lineup is a mix of detestable rich people that I’m obsessed with.

In the current Succession drought, I miss my weekly fix of insufferable capitalist antics. Season 1 of White Lotus was a revelation. And quite the poignant portrait of the intricate ecosystem of wealthy people. Set at the prestigious resort, the show did an impeccable job of sucking us into every last character’s storyline — even though we loathed them.

And now Season 2 has arrived with a new cast of privileged hotel guests — and this time . . . in Sicily, Italy.

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