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Batman Oral Uproar: Zack Snyder Confirms, Heroes Do Go Down

Zack Snyder has declared Batman's oral "canon."

This week a conversation with Harley Quinn series co-creators Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern was published in Variety and sparked a firestorm on social media.

Specifically, a detail that Justin Halpern shared about a disagreement between the series creators and DC Comics caught fans' attention. While Halpern was noting the freedom the animated HBO Max show allows — thanks to its focus on villains, rather than the hero characters, who are generally treated more preciously — he offered a telling counterexample to illustrate the point.

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The Gorilla Glue Lady's New Hair Care Line Is an Inspiration

Tessica Brown's success points to the upside of making terrible decisions.

Back in February, Tessica Brown become an overnight celebrity when she shared a video on TikTok explaining the lead-up and the aftermath of her decision to put industrial adhesive in her hair.

Having run out of her usual firm-hold hairspray, Brown used a bottle of spray-on Gorilla Glue to hold her hair in place — ignoring the various safety warnings that should have made it clear what a bad idea that was. Weeks after the fact, she had still been unable to remove the glue, which had transformed her hair into a sort of thin laminated helmet permanently attached to her scalp.

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Venmo Wants to Pay You (to Give Them Your Money)

VenmoItForward no longer has anything to do with charity.

On Wednesday morning, Venmo and the hashtag #VenmoItForward were trending on Twitter.

The payment app started their #VenmoItForward promotion last year, dropping $20 in the accounts of 30,000 Venmo users who had recently given money to charitable causes, with the express intention that these generous people would use the added funds for more good. As far as corporate marketing ploys go, it was a solid way to encourage good behavior at a time when people were using the app more for supporting worthy causes than for splitting brunch bills.

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The Gravel Institute Is the Left's (Perfect) Response to PragerU

It's the highest-stakes battle between two old white men since every war ever.

This is a story of two old white men who became online symbols of political movements — in one case intentionally, in the other...less so.

On the one hand we have Dennis Prager, a talk-radio host in his early 70s who promotes a far-Right political ideology. A Jewish man from Brooklyn, Prager has long aligned himself with America's Christian-Right, going so far as to say — in response to then newly-elected Muslim congressman Keith Ellison swearing in on the Quran — that "America is interested in only one book, the Bible. If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don't serve in Congress."

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Did Joe Biden Try to Have Tiger Woods Assassinated?

What do GameStop, Reddit, Tiger Woods, and Joe Biden all have in common? This insane conspiracy theory.

On February 23rd 2021, golf legend Tiger Woods was driving along a curved, downhill stretch of Hawthorne Boulevard in the wealthy Rolling Hills Estates area of Los Angeles.

Traveling at more than 80 MPH — nearly twice the speed limit — Woods SUV overtook the median, crossed two lanes of opposing traffic and rolled over multiple times before coming to a stop on a grassy slope just off the road. Rescuers at the scene reported that the 82-time PGA tour winner seemed lucid, was able to answer simple questions, and showed no indications of intoxication. It might seem like a simple car crash...but was it really?

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8 Options for Donald Trump to Come Back "in Some Form"

Whether as a Pokémon, a Force ghost, or a cable news pundit, we can expect to see a lot more of Donald Trump.

In recent weeks reports have surfaced that former-president Trump has been telling people that he could somehow be reinstated to the presidency, possibly as soon as August of this year.

But for as much fanfare as those stories have gotten — given that they're based on absolutely nothing — it's worth noting that they aren't really a new issue. Back in January, Donald Trump was addressing a gathering of his followers at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for the final speech of his presidency, and dropped some similar hints.

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