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By: AWNewYork/Shutterstock; Emily Ratajkowski, NYT Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, and Model

Updated: 3/27/2022

If I had known the lengths Bitch Era Rata was about to go to I don't know if I would have raised my hand to write this article -- it's become such a saga, Stephanie Meyer should be taking notes.

While some flings I laugh off with nothing but a chuckle and an 'I'm-not-updating-the-article-again" -- see Eric Andre -- her most recent sighting with Harry Styles cut a little deeper. It's hard to watch someone else live out your dreams so... open-mouthedly?

But as with all romance -- especially pertaining to Harry Styles -- there's a lot below the surface. Like, a-lot-a-lot.

For loyal followers of DeuxMoi, you may remember blinds about EmRata joining a very *popular couple. And because this is a work computer and I don't want to keep typing out threesome, I'm just going to use 'throuple.' Calling it a blind is very generous as well since everyone guessed correctly that it was none other than Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde.

Just last summer, Olivia Wilde flew gal pal, Emily Ratajkowski to Paris and sat side-by-side at his show.

In November, Rata came to Wilde's defense amid Don't Worry Darling Gate, saying she's protective of women -- particularly "when you see the way that the whole world reacts to women, it's really hard not to want to go to an extreme side of it."

Wilde and Styles also split that month, only to then spark the salacious throuple rumors. DeuxMoi and several outlets report the throuple-ing was the night of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, just this month.

Now that we've officially caught up to this Tokyo moment, it's hard not to ask pretty much every question under the sun. Is the throuple still throuple-ing? Is this staged? What kind of friendship do Rata and Wilde have to share such nice, nice things? But moe importantly, is this the rowdiest Women's History Month ever?


I once wrote about how the world was not yet ready for Revenge Emily Ratajkowski. But that was three months ago. And I – and Emily – have changed. I’m no longer fearful of a woman-scorned Emily Ratajkowski but of Bitch Era Ratajkowski.

During the three months since I initially jested that we should keep our eyes on Pete Davidson during Rata, post-divorce, it appears that no one kept their eyes on Davidson. His undefeated, unmatched, and frankly unbelievable streak of pulling continues even after he literally branded himself for Kim Kardashian. DeuxMoi has spoken, and Pete and Rata are together.

To which I say, of course. Have we forgotten her late-night appearance with Seth Meyers from over a year ago when she gushed about the Davidson effect? Where she defends him against Seth?!

“I think you’re being a little mean! He’s got the height. Obviously, women find him very attractive.” She then continues on to say that it’s only men who simply don’t understand ‘what that guy’s got’:

“He seems super charming. He’s vulnerable. He’s lovely. His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good. He’s great.”

The devil’s in the details and these details have Davidson all over them.

But the Bitch Era is about far more than just men and ass-less chaps. It’s about the ability to do it all without giving a f*ck.

Ratajkowski graces the November ‘22 covers of both Elle UK Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar where she discusses everything from babies to politics to sexism and racism. These explosive pieces mark the end of Ratajkowski as a one-dimensional poster-girl plastered all over boys’ bedrooms. Here is a multi-faceted businesswoman and writer with something to say.

Her conversations continue in her recently released podcast, High Low, with a lineup – so far – including Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy and Josh Safdie’s muse, Julia Fox.

I hate to be that person that says I told you so, but I was right to be fearful of Revenge Rata – she just calls it her Bitch Era.

Interview and Photos by Jordan Edwards

Since winning The Voice in 2018, Brynn Cartelli has matured as both a vocalist and songwriter. You can hear this on her latest single, "Secondhand Smoke." The lyrics have more weight, and her voice sounds more confident. Shortly before its release last month, Cartelli performed the song solo with piano on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Clarkson, who coached Cartelli on The Voice, has continuously supported the 19-year-old's career.

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, we caught up with Cartelli to talk about her growth as an artist and the new single. We also filmed an episode of 5 Tracks That Inspired Me (watch below).

Where did “Secondhand Smoke” come from? Is it about a real person?
"Secondhand Smoke" is a true story about the heartbreaking end to a friendship I experienced. I was getting ready to graduate high school, and so many things from my childhood were changing; where I would live, who I would be surrounded by. In these transitional phases, we tend to assess where we’re at, how we’re really feeling about the people we’re closest to. I had the title “Secondhand Smoke” in my notes app for a while, and rediscovered it one morning while at my piano.

You just performed it on The Kelly Clarkson Show with just a piano. What was that experience like?
It was really emotional for me to return to "Secondhand Smoke" on just a piano while returning to NBC to play music live. I honestly felt very nostalgic, and so grateful for Kelly’s love and support.

Brynn Cartelli by Jordan Edwards

What’s the best thing and the worst thing about performing on TV?
The best thing is definitely how dramatic we can be with lights and stage design, that’s always been my favorite part of planning a performance. The worst part is trying to ignore the cameras by getting lost in the song while also making sure my hair isn’t falling in my face.

How have your vocals evolved since you were on The Voice?
I think my voice has obviously grown up a lot since then, especially because I was like 15 and fresh out of puberty haha. I used to cover up my nerves with more vibrato. I think I’m less likely to do that now.

How many of your song ideas actually get turned into songs? How do you organize everything?
Most of the ideas I either write down in my notes or record on my phone somehow find their way into a song at some point. I keep a big, long list in my phone of ideas and a separate one of titles. There are also little notes scattered all over my apartment with ideas and concepts that I might use one day. The only way to organize anything is to write it down. I mourn all the hits that could have been written if someone wrote down the lyric or recorded the melody, even if it’s just on a phone.

Are you able to relax the night before a new song comes out?
No! Never. Especially not with "Secondhand Smoke." I was so nervous for people to listen to such a vulnerable song.

5 Tracks That Inspired Brynn Cartelli

What was it like working with Ben Abraham on “If I Could?”
Ben and I wrote "If I Could" on the first day we met, which is pretty magical. I remember we had been throwing out a lot of ideas that day with different topics, but I felt so safe to share with Ben what had been going on back home with my friends. Just like that, "If I Could" was born.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in music?
I always dreamed of directing a film.

Can you tell us anything about your next album?
I won’t give away too much, but for now I’ll say the next project is about liminality, the “in betweens” of life. Away from your past but not quite in your future yet, on the brink of something exciting. There’s tension and heartache and so much hope.

What have you been listening to lately?
I have been listening to a lot of Caroline Polachek recently. Her new record is phenomenal, and she is an incredible artist on so many fronts. I’m a huge fan.

'The Voice' Winner Brynn Cartelli Performs 'Secondhand Smoke' On The Kelly Clarkson ShowTeam Kelly alum and the youngest winner of "The Voice" Brynn Cartelli performs her new single "Secondhand Smoke.

For more from Brynn Cartelli, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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