Netflix's Floor Is Lava is the perfect background show.

By that, I mean it's a show that seems tailor-made to be half-watched while browsing the Internet, playing Animal Crossing on your Switch, or cooking dinner. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. If anything, Floor Is Lava might even be one of the best new game shows in years.

If you've seen the title, you already know exactly what Floor Is Lava is all about. Just like the make-believe game that literally every child in the world seems to independently invent, the floor is lava, so you need to climb all over the furniture to escape the room. No touching the floor...because it's lava.

Floor is Lava | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Original: James Jean - Fable #74

If you've watched BoJack Horseman, read recent Archie comics, or been rejected by someone who says they like you but your genitals gross them out, then you're familiar with asexuality⁠—but probably not as familiar as you think.

A 2019 poll found that 76% of those surveyed weren't able to accurately define asexuality, despite 53% of respondents asserting that they could.

And that's fine. I can barely do it after years of research, and according to modern definitions I'm a full-fledged "heteroromantic" "asexual," which, according to Dr. Google, places me among an estimated 1% of the population who are incapable of feeling sexually attracted to anyone, regardless of gender or sex. Or, as Stefani Goerlich explains in sex-therapist-speak, "Whereas heterosexuals are sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex, and homosexuals are attracted to folks of the same sex, asexuals are [sexually] attracted to nobody."

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The "Digimon Adventure" Remake Symbolizes a Surge in Demand for Isekai Anime

The Digimon Adventure remake that every '90s baby has been waiting for is finally here, and boy does it deliver.

Digimon was the first majorly popular isekai anime to air on western television during the '90s.

Initially premiering on Fox Kids in 1999, the anime features the adventures of a group of children who are inadvertently transported to the Digital World and chosen to become DigiDestined heroes alongside their very own digital monsters. Digimon would go on to became an archetype for anime that successfully broke into the mainstream media, sparking an entire franchise of follow-up series like Digimon Adventures 2, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Frontier, not to mention a ton of movies.

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