It's All Happening: The Legacy of "Almost Famous" 20 Years Later

Released in 2000, Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical film is an ode to the love of music.

Before Cameron Crowe was a movie director and screenwriter, he was living a life many teenagers—and adults—can only dream of.

At age 16, the Southern California native had already achieved a major life accomplishment: A cover story for Rolling Stone. It was 1973, and Crowe had spent three weeks on the road profiling the Allman Brothers Band, becoming the youngest ever contributor to the magazine at the time.

If this story sounds familiar to you, then you've probably seen Almost Famous, the beloved music comedy-drama film that turned 20 years old last weekend.

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Let George R. R. Martin Have a Castle, You Twerps

If this is the added stress that stops him from finishing The Winds of Winter, Santa Fe will have much worse to deal with than some curious fans.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico this week, the city's Historic Districts Review Board rejected Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin's request to build a library on his private compound.

The building—which would have been constructed in the style of a Medieval castle—had previously been rejected for exceeding local height restrictions, but the request for an exemption was met with considerable pushback.

More than 40 of the author's neighbors signed a letter to the board noting that the proposed building "WILL BE VISIBLE" and expressing fear that "our neighborhood will become the next treasure hunt ... his fans will be looking to find the castle that's in the middle of Santa Fe." Oh, the horror.

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15 Classic Commercials to Trigger Your '90s-Kid Nostalgia

Let these distilled doses of 1990s advertising take you back to a simpler time, when pizza came on a bagel and hair came in a can.


The field of advertising is designed to plant its simple ideas deep inside your subconscious.

As a result, your brain is overflowing with jingles, images, and snippets of commercial dialogue that you absorbed like a sponge through the hundreds of hours of TV you watched in your childhood.

While this has probably crowded out useful knowledge and skills like your CPR training, or the name of that cousin you see every few years, it does have the bonus of tapping straight into nostalgia. Short of the smell of your childhood home, there is probably nothing better than an old commercial to transport you back in time, away from the horrors and crises of the present.

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