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Was the Jimmy Fallon Blackface Skit Intentionally Released as a Distraction from the Murder of George Floyd?

Racist police violence is a modern epidemic. So why are we talking about an SNL skit from 2000?

At this point, celebrity apologies are incredibly common. In 2020, it seems like some formerly beloved actor or TV personality is being put through the wringer of public opinion a few times a week.

Most recently, Twitter canceled Jimmy Fallon after an unquestionably racist skit from the 2000 season of SNL resurfaced online. The skit features Fallon impersonating Chris Rock, complete with black face and an offensive imitation of Rock's speech patterns.

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10 Canceled TV Shows Saved By Fans

If you're loud enough, you just might manage to save your favorite show.


Hollywood is a brutal industry, and sometimes even the highest-quality shows are subject to unceremonious cancelation.

But even if you're favorite niche show (that's definitely the best thing on TV so how come nobody else watches it?) does get nuked, try not to lose hope. If enough people are as passionate about it as you are, band together and combine your powers. Persistence pays off, and if you're loud enough, you just might manage to save your favorite show. After all, there's a lot of precedence for fans saving TV shows.

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The Importance of the "Tuca & Bertie" Revival

Fans saved "Tuca & Bertie," the canceled Netflix original that will return to Adult Swim next year.

Fans of anthropomorphic cartoon birds rejoice: Tuca & Bertie is coming to Adult Swim for season two.

Season one of the show, created by BoJack Horseman illustrator Lisa Hanawalt, was a Netflix original that first aired in 2019. Despite being critically acclaimed and widely regarded as one of the best new shows of the year, it was canceled to viewers' dismay.

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