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What the Hell, Wendy Williams?

The talk show host is going viral for her wildly insensitive comments about a TikTok star

girl ... why?

via Film Daily

Oh, Wendy Williams, who is she if not a perpetual meme?

The mind that gave us "Dula Peep," countless reaction gifs, and the iconic fainting clip (we're glad she's okay, but the drama, the camp, the complete bizarreness of that moment will live on forever), is now viral once again, but this time for a more jarring reason.

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Let's Unpack the Sex and the City Revival, "And Just Like That"

Can Sex and the City still exist in 2021?

Justice for Samantha though

Update: June 6 2021

As Sex and the City celebrates its 20th anniversary and the reboot is on its way, for fans of the show, this means it is officially peak rewatch season.

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Noah Hawley's "Alien" Series for FX Is Already Making Enemies

Politics are invading science fiction for the first time ever.

Noah Hawley's rise is one of the best thing that's happened to TV in the last decade.

As a showrunner for FX, he has adapted the Cohen brothers 1996 classic Fargo and the Legion storyline from X-Men comics into critically acclaimed series. The shows demonstrate Hawley's range as a showrunner, with wildly different tones and storytelling approaches, and now FX is trusting him to stretch his talents even further, creating a new sci-fi horror series based on the Alien franchise.

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Who Is Awful Enough to Replace Meghan McCain on "The View"?

With the most irritating co-host on her way out, The View needs to find a new most irritating co-host.

The View

Since 1997 The View has offered diverse perspectives on current events and political issues from a panel of accomplished women with backgrounds in journalism and the entertainment industry.

And since 2017, the show has also featured Meghan McCain. But as she announced on Thurdsay, July 1, 2021, that the current season will be her last.

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"Sexy Beasts" Blends "Bojack Horseman" With Your Nightmares

Netflix is calling it a cross between The Masked Singer and Love Is Blind, but that's selling the weirdness way too short...

You know that stress dream where you're out on a date and you suddenly become aware of something deeply embarrassing?

Maybe that fake tooth you got after a bike accident when you were 12 just finally fell out. Or maybe you forgot to wear pants. Or maybe your head has been replaced by a dolphin's.

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Jared Padalecki, Fans Surprised by News of "Supernatural" Prequel

The star reported feeling "gutted" by the news...but not as badly as he was gutted by Anna in season 5.

After 15 seasons and a seemingly endless amount of monstrous, ghostly, biblical insanity, the CW's Supernatural finally came to an end in 2020... or did it?

According to star Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), "After Supernatural wrapped its 15th season, we knew it wasn't over. Because like we say in the show, 'nothing ever really ends, does it?'" So when he and wife Danneel Ackles (who played the second incarnation of the demon Ruby starting in season 4) started their own production company, Chaos Machine Productions, they got to work in secret, developing a spin-off prequel series.

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