Turnstile at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles

By Jordan Edwards

Turnstile were nominated for three Grammy Awards earlier this month, capping an unlikely two-year rise to become one of America’s biggest bands. But was it really out of nowhere?

Sure, they don’t have a hit radio single. "HOLIDAY" doesn't appear in a crucial Netflix series scene (it should). But a popular song on social media or streaming platforms doesn’t always translate to a building a giant fanbase. Louis Theroux isn’t selling out The Shrine.

Instead of charting how the Baltimore band got to this point, let’s talk about why they became so popular.

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The Demi Ramos Show: Zolita

'Ruin My Life' is out now

Zolita does it all.

Best known for her music, she grew up in Southern California and attended film school at NYU. In fact, she says some of her songs start as video ideas. As writer, director, and producer, she has developed a distinct visual style filled with colorful sets and creative camera movement. You can see this in the recent trilogy of music videos that included “Somebody I F*cked Once,” “Single In September,” and “I F*cking Love You." Her latest, "Ruin My Life," is a mini movie complete with a Netflix-style plot description below the video. it continues the narrative of "20 Questions."

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Chad Griffith/Courtesy of the Artist

Poo Bear was already a hitmaker before he met Justin Bieber. Starting in 2001 with 112's "Peaches N Cream" he worked on a series of songs for artists like Chris Brown, and Usher, and Kelis.

Since the 2013 album Journals, Poo Bear and Justin Bieber have collaborated on hits including "Intentions," "What Do You Mean?" and "Yummy." Poo Bear even says that Bieber has picked up on his vocal style.

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Dancehall star Kranium released In Too Deep today on Atlantic Records. The seven-track project is a perfect mix of high-end R&B production and authentic Jamaican sounds.

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It’s not hard to find something to relate to in Alexa Cappelli’s music. The 23-year-old vocal powerhouse from California has found success in writing from the heart. By staying true to herself and building a platform through her TikTok, Cappelli has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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Updated: 11/18/22 at 2:17 PM

Within mere hours of posting this article, two major things have happened: Taylor Swift publicly condemned Ticketmaster, who apparently promised they were equipped to handle such demand, and the Department of Justice has agreed to launch investigation into the monopolistic website.

The downfall of Twitter and Elon...the downfall of Ticketmaster....who's next?


When Taylor Swift announced The Eras Tour, millions of fans flocked to Ticketmaster to sign up for a chance to win the Verified Fan presale code…myself included. I waited in a three-hour line just to enter my information and cross my fingers that a website randomly selects my name for a code to buy tickets.

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