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Backstage with Josh Levi

A new version of the holiday classic "Let It Snow" is out now

Interview and Photos by Jordan Edwards

This past week, Josh Levi released a cover of "Let It Snow," the Christmas classic made famous by Boyz II Men. The track is faithful to the original while adding his own modern touch and updated production.

The single caps a busy year for Levi, which has also included a "scratched up" version of his DISC TWO EP as well as the singles "EGO" and "Birthday Dance."

Levi first gained attention for his run as Darius in the beloved Friday Night Lights TV series. While he's done some acting, he's stuck mostly to music over the last few years. Last year, Levi combined both. Pixar fans might recognize his voice as 4*TOWN member Aaron Z. from the animated feature Turning Red.

Before a recent show at The Sun Rose in West Hollywood, we met up with Levi for some photos and a conversation about his music.

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Interview and Photos by Jordan Edwards

Each week, Kelsi Davies treats her 2 million YouTube subscribers to another adventure inside of a haunted property or a paranormal experience. But there's another side to her. For the last two years, she's recorded music.

Her latest single, "September 10th," is a moving ballad based on a past experience. Driven by a simple piano line with strings, the song is about "rising up out of the darkness."

We met up with Davies in Los Angeles to talk about her musical side. And okay, one ghost hunting question.

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Chad Brady/Courtesy of the Artist

Interview by Jordan Edwards

In 2018, Neptune teamed up with Post Malone for the single "You." It put him on the musical map, and laid the path for future releases. This led to a series of singles including "Fallen Angel," "Strawberry Lemonade" and "Wyoming." Like his mentor Posty, Neptune shifts between heartfelt pop and melodic hip-hop. He prefers hazy, light night beats mixed with passionate vocals--a sound that's allowed him to stand out and earn fans like

With his latest single "Monochrome," the 18-year-old moves forward with a powerful pop ballad. The music video, featuring stunning cinematography, has proved to be popular with fans, racking up nearly half a million views in two weeks.

We recently talked to Neptune about the making of "Monochrome," working with Post Malone, and the evolution of his music.

Tell me about your latest single “Monochrome.” What was the production and songwriting process?
The production for "Monochrome" went fast; we were given the beat, but it was just lacking vocals and lyrics. By far, the writing part took the longest. It was a challenge to find the right tone without being too overbearing. Ultimately, I'm proud of what came of the time spent.

In terms of production, you gravitate towards darker sounds. What influenced that?
A big chunk of my music was made at a point in time where I was moody, so a lot of that emotion influenced the finished track and lyrics, since I usually go off whatever I’m feeling that day.

How involved are you in your visuals?
I play a significant role. While I might not always come up with the initial concept, I actively collaborate with the team to see what works best with the given track.

What did you learn from Post Malone while working on “You?”
Working with Post Malone and other artists taught me that collaborations can be spur of the moment and fast-paced. Sometimes, everything just naturally falls into place.

What do you remember about that video shoot?
For one of the shots, I had to sing the chorus while in this big group of people and just getting the worst stage fright. I felt so nervous being the center of attention. To be honest, sometimes I still get that anxiety of looking like a dummy, but I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable performing, having been in so many shoots now.

Neptune - Monochrome (Official Music Video)

When did you first start making music? Do you remember the first song you wrote?
I started singing and recording music around 8 and started making original songs at 10. The first song I actually wrote was “Outcast." While I had help from my team, it was my first song where I was the one putting words down.

Vocally, who do you look up to?
There are many talented artists, but Post Malone and The Weeknd stand out for their expansive ranges. Sometimes I try to sing Posty's songs to see if I’ve vocally gotten close to his level but every drop, he always expands his range further and further. Bruno Mars is in there somewhere too; the list just goes on and on.

If you could be a musician in a different era, which one would you choose?
I'd choose the '80s or '90s. The music was so cool and to this day holds up. Plus, I can rock a mullet.

What have you been listening to lately?
My music library is super cluttered. It can range from recent albums to game soundtracks all the way to a jazz fusion album from the '80s.

For more from Neptune, follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

In 2010, Matthew Handley and Andrew Stanley came together over their love for multi-cultural music and sounds, combined it with their disc jockey prowess, and delivered us perhaps one of the most iconic debut tracks of all time: "We No Speak Americano." It was an instantaneous smash hit, selling over 5 million copies and topping the charts worldwide.

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Isabel LaRosa on Viral Success and Creating Cinematic Pop

The singer-songwriter is on tour with Bea Miler through December 16

Interview and Photos by Jordan Edwards

Late last year, Isabel LaRosa scored a massive hit on TikTok with "i'm yours." The song crossed over onto other platforms, leading to her first Gold Record. The dreamy, late night atmosphere stood out against the Barbie-friendly pop that's saturated social media recently. To date, the original and sped up versions have combined for more than 380 million Spotify streams.

Since then, the Annapolis, Maryland native has released an EP as well as singles like her most recent track "older." She directed the music video, a mini movie with a dark twist at the end.

Through Dec. 15, LaRosa will be on tour with Bea Miller. See the dates listed below (although all are sold out). Hopefully, she's planning more shows for 2024.

Before she hit the road, we met up with LaRosa to talk about the tour, "i'm yours," and the atmosphere her music creates.

Isabel LaRosa by Jordan Edwards

You’re about to go on tour with Bea Miller. How are you feeling?
It feels amazing to be back on tour, and I’m so honored that Bea would have me with her.

The “older” video has a Donnie Darko feel to me. What was it like to film?
The "older" video was the most fun I’ve had shooting a video before. It was such an amazing crew of people, and it felt so personal and real to be directing. We had some technical difficulties shooting the ending scene, but we pulled through and made it happen.

What was the moment you knew “i’m yours” was huge?
When "i’m yours" came out, I looked at the amount of people listening, and I was in shock. I’ve never seen so many people listen to my stuff before, so it was truly an amazing feeling.

Isabel LaRosa by Jordan Edwards

Do you like the sped up version, or do you prefer the original?
I’ll always prefer the original song, but I like the sped up version for contrast sometimes.

A big part of your music is the mood it creates. How do you get the sound that you want?
The music comes from a place of wanting to create a specific atmosphere or emotion, and pulling a lot from TV shows and movies helps inspire those moments. It’s almost like writing a soundtrack to those visuals.

What or who inspired your dark aesthetic?
I think a lot of TV shows like Stranger Things and horror movies in general inspired my dark visuals, and a lot of artists like Melanie Martinez, and the neighborhood that I grew up in, really helped solidify that as what felt natural to me.

Isabel LaRosa by Jordan Edwards

You’ve been chosen for the TikTok Elevate problem. What’s that experience been like?
Being chosen for the TikTok Elevate program has been such an honor to me. The reason that I have a career is because of that platform, so I really can’t believe that it’s happening. They’ve been nothing but so incredibly kind to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

What are your plans for 2024?
I have a lot of plans for 2024. I can’t reveal a lot of them, but it involves a lot of music and a lot of storylines in my videos, and that’s all I’ll say haha.


Isabel LaRosa - older (Official Video)"older” out now: Follow Isabel LaRosa: ...

For more from Isabel LaRosa, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Each year around December, excitement grows for reasons other than the holiday season. Yes, we all come together to celebrate the release of our Spotify Wrapped- and what a glorious, joyous time it is for many. Plus, it's a great opportunity to expose which type of person you are: an Apple Music user or a Spotify user.

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