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Interview: Kendra Erika Breaks Down Her Process

The "Pure Love" singer sat down for an exclusive interview with Popdust

Rafael Paiva

Kendra Erika describes her new hit track "Pure Love" as "the bonafide cruise control song."

"It's excellent for a spontaneous drive," Kendra explained to Popdust, who premiered the track back in April. "'Pure Love' is for anyone that is looking for something smooth to listen to and vibe on. It sets a real nice tone, and puts you in a state of fluidity to start the day or unwind at night."

The singer stopped by Popdust for a candid interview on her rise to stardom and touched on her background, her next moves, and finding happiness.

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Interview: Briston Maroney on Self-Doubt, TikTok, and His New Visual Album "Sunflower"

The popular singer-songwriter's debut album and accompanying movie are both out now.

Angelina Castillo

Like many of us, Briston Maroney decided to use the last year to try something new.

The 23-year-old Nashville musician spent most of 2019 gearing up to release his debut album, Sunflower, and then — you know what happens next. With some unexpected free time on his hands, Maroney and his longtime visual collaborator, Joey Brodnax, decided to spend an otherwise lonely summer creating a visual component for the entire album.

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Underrated Video Game Soundtracks That Deserve More Love

While the sounds of "Zelda" and "Halo" remain iconic, these scores never truly got the love they deserved

From its clunky arcade origins to the expansive orchestral arrangements that now characterize your favorite games, video game music has evolved into its own genre.

Sure, the 8-bit click-clack of Super Mario Bros. brings back pangs of nostalgia, but the terrible MIDI muck of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and the lethargic horns of PSone's Resident Evil show the tragedy that transpires when the process is rushed. It takes a lot of effort and patience to curate a meaningful score.

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Oldies playing in the car and it's raining | Dreamscape (road trip w/ cars passing) 3 HOURS ASMR

Ah, playlists. They've always been ways to communicate unsayable feelings and to transmit us to different, sometimes extremely specific times and places.

But lately my YouTube and Spotify recommendations have been filled to the brim with extremely specific yet somehow universal playlists. Though they all seem to express a variety of different experiences, most are escapist and some are definitely weirder than others.

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For a split second in history, Timbaland's 2007 album Shock Value was the most ambitious project in music.

The record was born at a strangely chaotic time. My Chemical Romance was at the top of their game, "alt" teens wore dark streaky eyeliner and dissected every lyric to Infinity On High. Robin Thicke's mewling love song "Lost Without U" sat atop Billboard's R&B charts. Kanye West wasn't making problematic operas.

But all of these entities existed separately, as did their fans. T-Pain fans rarely listened to Finger Eleven and visa versa. As a teenage Breaking Benjamin fan, I rarely found myself surrounded by people who also listened to Soulja Boy. But with all this apparent division, Timbaland saw an opportunity: what if I brought all of these sounds together?

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Interview: Chiiild's Yonatan Ayal Wants To Connect With You

The singer talks about his new song "Gone," and Chiiild's new album Hope For Sale

Peter Hou

Whether he's just sitting on his couch with close friends or crafting psychedelic indie-pop as Chiiild's frontman, Yonatan Ayal believes that fluid dialogue is the key to an amazing piece of art.

"Faith is all about that exchange of energy," Yonatan told me. "When you haven't seen somebody for two weeks, and then you finally meet up and show them what you've been working on. There's an exchange there that sustains you until the next time." So after a year filled with isolated days and lonely nights, the question remains: How can Chiiild tap further into that exchange? How deeply can music resonate?

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