If there’s one thing I consistently endorse, it’s the power of a music festival. You get the best bang for your buck by having the opportunity to see dozens of artists all for the price of one weekend pass…and you get the chance to find your next favorite artist.

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We’ve reached peak quiet luxury. Maybe that happened quickly, when influencers flooded the TL with that stunningly resilient trend striving to convince you that all you need to look like you stepped out of Succession was .. Zara? But now, with Stealth-Wealth and Recessioncore still topics of major interest, strange sartorial ephemera of the rich are emerging as piecemeal trends.

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Oh, Kim Kardashian. How you make it so difficult to defend you at times. Look, I even understood why you wore the iconic Marilyn dress to the Met Gala. I called you a visionary.

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A Flop and a Featherington: Colin’s Cringe Carriage Confession and Other Reasons Bridgerton Season 3 Didn’t Hit

Anyone else disappointed by Bridgerton Season 3? You’re not the only one.

Against all odds, I went into Bridgerton Season 3 with an open mind. Perhaps it was Shondaland’s masterclass in marketing: a teasing trailer, sumptuous snippets, and the reveal of their always-miraculous Bridgerton leading man glow-ups.

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Photo by Wilson Andres

The rave community was built by misfits, beautiful freaks, and queer people of color. Today it's dominated by cis heteronormative white men. Time to take back our nights.

Let’s not forget that for eons the LGBTQ+ world and its underground culture have fueled the hottest music & fashion, and incited the fight for human rights.

Music allows us to express ourselves, take comfort, and show our love. Celebrate this Pride Month with these fabulous LGBTQ+ artists who bring us refuge, hope, and jubilation.

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Girl, I Get It: ‘The Idea of You’ Review

If Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” is the song of the summer, “The Idea of You” is the movie of the summer

It’s been a fun and flirty few weeks for film releases. Last year’s surprise summer romance Anything But You finally came to streaming and is sitting pretty on Netflix’s Top 10. Zendaya and Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers is all sweat, sex, scorn, and some truly fine tennis — no wonder it’s the number-one movie at the box office.

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