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Tove Lo, SG Lewis
How are we halfway through June already? It actually seems illegal how fast the summer passes by, there's so much I want to accomplish in no time whatsoever. But enough about me, the main point here is that we're looking at the weekend once again.
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WATCH: Lindsey Stirling on Her New Album and Epic Music Videos

The musician and performer talks to Jordan Edwards and Demi Ramos about 'Duality'

Heather Koepp/Courtesy of the Artist

It feels like Lindsey Stirling is living her dream. From an audience favorite on America's Got Talent to filling large Las Vegas theaters, she's at the top of her game. She's admired by adults and small children, and her social media following totals more than 20 million.

Above all of this, she remains present and grounded. With a smile on her face, she's continuously developing new songs, visuals, and choreography. Stirling loves to create.

Her latest album, Duality (out 6/14), is cinematic and a little dark, the kind of album that needs to be listened to at full volume. It includes "Inner Gold," a collaboration with Royal & Serpent and "Evil Twin," an instrumental with pounding drums and a sweeping refrain.

Watch Stirling talk to Jordan Edwards and Demi Ramos about the making of Duality, producing her incredible music videos, and being grateful for her success.

Lindsey Stirling Returns! | It's Real with Jordan and Demi

For more from Lindsey Stirling, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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Kaleah Lee Won’t Pull The Fire Alarm (But She’ll Think About It)

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When Kaleah Lee tells me she only started writing songs during the pandemic, I can’t hide my surprise. Her lyricism has the practiced sharpness of someone who has been honing their craft for decades. And her production — which she does herself in her bedroom — is subtle and simmering with emotion. This is bedroom pop at its peak, but not what you’d expect.
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If there’s one thing I consistently endorse, it’s the power of a music festival. You get the best bang for your buck by having the opportunity to see dozens of artists all for the price of one weekend pass…and you get the chance to find your next favorite artist.

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We're all in the same spot: working all week, wondering if the weekend will ever present itself, and dreaming of the possibilities of a day or two without work. You spend all week making plans with friends and family, and now that Summer Fridays have begun...the world is your oyster.

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Rec Hall


Southern California-based trio Rec Hall, made up of John Barry (vocals, guitar), Lance Meliota (drums), and Ben Tyrell (guitar, bass) burst onto the scene in 2021 with breakout single “She Doesn’t Get It.” The song, over the next two years, slowly but organically gained traction, now accumulating over 20 million streams, and led to the group signing with Arista Recordings in 2023.

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