Here's Why We Recommend Caliper Hemp

I'd tried CBD before, but it hadn't worked for me. After holding the oil under my tongue for over 30 seconds, I walked around my kitchen for an hour thinking, "is it working?" before trudging up to bed and tossing and turning for an hour before drifting off to sleep.

It's a shame, because I really wanted to feel its benefits - cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that can support overall peace and wellbeing. Bloggers I know loved it, but I figured it was another health hoax.

So when I went hiking with a friend, and she offered me CBD on the trail, I said no. I didn't want to take any more of her expensive placebo. I did ask how she was keeping a bottle of oil in her small fanny pack, and she took out what looked like a sugar packet.

She said Caliper's CBD is delivered in a powder form, which is absorbed way more easily than the oil. I told her I still thought it wouldn't work on me (or at all), but she gave me a packet to take home anyway. She stirred it into her water bottle, and we kept on hiking.

I kind of forgot about the sachet in my backpack, until in about a week, I was scrolling through my newsfeed and saw someone else talking about the wonders of CBD. Ugh!

I decided to search Caliper CBD, with the hope that they were different and was surprised to see that they claim their powder is "6.5x more absorbed in the first 15 minutes compared with oil-soluble CBD." That was promising.

Also, with the individual packets, they said it was more consistent and precise than oil, which makes sense - I definitely may have messed up the tincture dropper last time.

It was flavorless, but I called my friend just in case, asking if I had to make iced tea or something to mask the flavor. She told me it's really, genuinely flavorless, so water would be fine, but I could put it on ice cream if I wanted to. I decided to just put my packet in a glass of water, and see if it did anything. No harm, no foul.

CBD Dissolvable Powder
4.5x more absorption than competitors
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It stirred up easily, with no clumps floating to the surface. My water still tasted like water, no sweet or bitter aftertaste.

About 15 minutes in- I still felt nothing. What on Earth were people raving about?!

Then, about 30 minutes in, the only way I can think to describe it is that the tension from my shoulders was gently released. I'm a little neurotic, but I could feel my body telling me to take a breath and slow down, without feeling foggy.

It was subtle, but really important. This was the feeling I'd been wanting from the oils, but never got - just a gentle relaxation, without losing focus. I finished up a report I'd been working on, did some cleaning I'd been putting off and went to bed.

When I woke up, no fogginess, just a readiness to take on the day. Wow! I definitely wanted to keep this around - Caliper CBD offers a 10-pack and a 30-pack, with 10% off and free shipping if you subscribe.

I went for the 30-pack and it's been a couple of weeks now - I keep some powders stashed in my bags, and also in the cabinet, in case I'm feeling stressed. I've also noticed a difference in the way I approach stressors even when I'm not on CBD - everything feels a little more manageable.

Seriously, having Caliper CBD at my disposal wherever I go, has made me a bit of a calmer person - I know I can handle whatever comes my way. I also now understand that CBDs are NOT created equal - so many companies are just trying to cash in on the craze, so I'm glad I finally found the real deal.

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It's here. The moment we've all been waiting for…..

Drumroll please……


Any NBA fan who's the real deal already knows this, but we're here to tell you how you can make the action so much sweeter, right from the comfort of your own home.

Even though we may not be able to go and watch the return of the NBA live, I think we can all agree just having it back on our screens is exciting enough. Finally, we can start caring about the actual game and not about who got what haircut in the bubble.

Now, back to how you can make it even better- nothing makes rooting for your favorite team disappointment-proof by having the ability to custom build your ultimate team. Fantasy sports can be a battlefield, but FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) makes the whole process a breeze.

FanDuel DFS takes a different approach to Fantasy sports. How many times have you been stuck with the same line up for months? Not having control over your dream team truly sucks, especially when that one player you rolled the dice on is out with a season-ending injury (lookin' at you, Kyrie..). So, what if we told you that you could switch your teams up on a weekly basis?

Signing up couldn't be easier, and can be done online or when you download the Fanduel app from the app store, available for iOS and Android. From there, they'll ask you to register for an account, which takes all of about 2 minutes.

They'll ask you for some basic info to get started- name, address, card information, and your social security number(so they can make sure they keep your info safe).

What's awesome is you can have an entirely new lineup every week. FanDuel works differently than other fantasy leagues. Instead of spending time drafting your players for the whole season, you have your pick of any players in the league for your lineup for that week.

Each individual player has a salary value, and the total value of your team has to be less than your weekly cap. It's a great excuse to get creative with your line up and take a chance on a rookie.

FanDuel DFS is also giving new users a first-time deposit bonus. They'll put 10 bucks in your account to get you started. They also have a points system where you rack up points when you make any money bet - you'll accumulate points even if you lose. You can then use those points to bet.

FanDuel has fantasy leagues for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, and golf.

You can cash out your winnings at any time, too. Every win, no matter the amount, can be deposited right into your bank account whenever you want. You can place a bet when the lines come up, and you can also keep betting right up until the game starts.

The good days are coming back, so check out FanDuel DFS to see how you can celebrate the right way!

The Internet can often be a series of hurdles. Whether it's the mountain of passwords to remember or the tangle of credit card information required, the simplest task can often turn into a convoluted mess. And there goes your afternoon.

Sure, you can save your personal information on your favorite web browser, but is it smart to surrender control of your private data to a massive corporation? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Enter Dashlane, the first all-in-one web service designed to make the Internet easier to use. And how do they do that? Dashlane houses all of your passwords, payments, and personal details and allows you access to this information across the web and on any device.

Dashlane's goal is to make the Internet hyper-convenient. No more jumping through unnecessary hoops to join a newsletter, buy a gift, or schedule an appointment.

Instead of a big-shot, anonymous web browser, Dashlane gathers your data in one place, giving you more control over who is in possession of it.

Your data is completely invisible to anybody who works at Dashlane, thanks to their "Zero Knowledge Architecture." Once you create your master password, not even Dashlane's engineers will have access to this information.

Better yet, with the simple click of a button, you can create unique passwords - making old, weak passwords stronger - without having to remember what you did.

And what happens if somebody breaches Dashlane? Even if Dashlane gets hacked, hackers will have no access to your sensitive information given Dashlane's "Zero Knowledge Architecture." Dashlane will instantly let you know, providing a two-step password change, making the security process simpler than ever.

Still unsure about Dashlane? Here are what only a few of Dashlane's 8 million happy customers are saying:

Password Manager
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"[I] would struggle without Dashlane now, as effective passwords are so important in our lives. I use it many times a day and it's definitely worth the money." - Barabara R.

"After I added all of my passwords, I then went back and logged in to every one of my accounts, and to my surprise, every one of them worked. Even the sites that want a username, a password, and member number were solved so I never have to recall a password." - Marc

"I joined Dashlane from more or less the beginning and found them the most reliant, service-directed Password Manager I know. They are very efficient and quick!" - Herman G.

"There doesn't seem to be anything comparable to Dashlane's reliability and ease of use. It was [also] highly recommended to me by a friend who is a true expert in computer security for one of the largest telephone corporations." - David H.

"Great to have easy access to passwords across platforms, but I also appreciate the help generating robust passwords and rating your existing ones." - Ken

"I'm a long time user and depend on Dashlane to help secure everything I do online . . . logging into any website is fast and simple with the automated login features. The sync feature between my devices gives me access to all my passwords and personal info anytime, anywhere." - Tomas F.

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