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New Releases

Justin Bieber's "Hold On" Video Is Another Misguided Story About Suffering

In his latest music video, Bieber once again makes a vicarious trip into tragedy

Justin in "Hold On"

Justin Bieber's past few years have been tumultuous. In a cinematic redemption story, the former child star went from troubled teenager to devout Christian and married man.

His upcoming album, Justice, seems to be a testament to the new Justin, and the singles from the album are anthemic odes to love and hope. Each has come with a music video that tells the story of a different character and their different hardships.

But why is Justin so obsessed with these vicarious trips into tragedy?

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RAGS AND RICHES and Cody Morgan

Kentucky brothers Tanner & Peyton Whitt, AKA RAGS AND RICHES, drop the fiery new single "CROSSFIRE."

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Johnny Ashby releases new single "Getting Started"

Jovanna Reyes

UK-born, US-based artist Johnny Ashby has just released an empowering new single which will urge you to keep on keeping on.

"Getting Started" is the songwriter's first single to be released this year, and it's fair to say he's started off with a bang. Known for his infectious indie folk anthems dipped in a raw and spicy Americana seasoning, Ashby's sound is something that you'll keep on coming back for, especially when its themes explore thought-provoking and uplifting narratives. The British artist is truly a voice for his generation and one that we should take more notice of.

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Emma Webb releases new EP "Best Friend"

Meet your new bestie Emma Webb, whose debut EP, Best Friend, is a mellow, compassionate diary of memories and feelings.

The British singer-songwriter was inspired by Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill," with his production and aura sparking her imagination for the new release. Webb beautifully explains, "My underlying theme is all about honesty, vulnerability and love. I hope there's a theme of kindness that runs through my music too, because lord knows we could do with more kindness in the world!"

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If you're anything like us, you're probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of albums being released on a weekly basis.

Popdust's weekly column, Indie Roundup, finds the five best albums coming out each week so that you don't have to. Every Friday, we'll tell you what's worth listening to that might not already be on your radar.

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Slept On: The Latest In Rap Music

Chris Crack, Babyface Ray, and others are featured this week

Fuego Supremo

Taylor Swift this, Taylor Swift that.

It seems that every few months, Taylor Swift fans are feasting. The singer announced yesterday that she once again plans to release new music and gave Swifties everywhere another surprise-induced heart attack.

Six new songs from "the vault" will be attached to a re-recording on Swift's iconic Fearless project, which is set for release this April. A re-recording of her hit "Love Story" hit streaming services today to mark the moment, and between that and Dua Lipa's deluxe release of Future Nostalgia, pop heads have more than enough to celebrate today.

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