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Eveything You Need to Know About DarkSide, Colonial, and the Viral Gas Panic

The Colonial Pipeline is up and running again, but the madness isn't over...

From May 7th through the evening of May 12th, America's largest supply network for gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and jet fuel was shut down.

As of Thursday morning it is back online, though it will take a while for the typical rate of delivery to resume.

Under normal circumstances, the Colonial gas pipeline network is responsible for moving more than 100 million gallons of fuel every day, transporting it from refineries in Texas all the way up to New York, with offshoots all along the eastern seaboard. That's around 45% of the fuel supply for the east coast.

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Unreasonably Hot Couple Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. Announce Engagement

The pair began dating shortly after meeting just earlier this year.

Kat Dennings via Instagram

Bad news for everyone who has a crush on Kat Dennings: the actress is officially off the market.

Less than a month after the 2 Broke Girls and Big Mouth star revealed that she was in a relationship with rocker Andrew W.K., it's been confirmed that the two are engaged. Congratulations to the happy (and very, very hot) couple!

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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has had a major week.

A new photoshoot on the cover of British Vogue featured Eilish in stockings, heels, and a corset, a highly stylized and feminine look that was a sharp difference from her usual baggy clothes. To say the photos went viral was an understatement — one after the other quickly became the first photo to break one million likes in six minutes on Instagram, becoming the fastest photo ever liked.

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The world is full of pain and horror.

Every day human beings inflict violence and cruelty on one another, and on the planet, for their own greedy purposes. And if you give it the chance, the dark weight of this reality can easily become overwhelming. Which is why it's so important to remind yourself of the points of brightness and joy that — though less dramatic — are far more common than the horror.

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Why Is an AP Exam Asking Questions About Taylor Swift?

Is education meant to challenge students and expand their awareness, or should it just tap into their existing interests?

Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Taylor Swift.

One of these things is not like the others. In this case, we're not talking about the fact that one of these people enslaved hundreds — including several of his own children — or the fact that one of those women was a descendant of enslaved Black Americans. We're talking about the pop star.

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People Who Want Joe Jonas's Disembodied Hand Should Be Put on a List

Who would want this, and why is Expedia giving away 250 of them?

Have you ever loved a celebrity so much that you wanted their autograph?

Okay, that's pretty normal stuff. What about a lock of hair? An item of clothing? A severed hand?

We are now officially in serial killer territory, and for some reason Expedia and Joe Jonas are condoning it with their "Helping Hand" giveaway. The travel company teamed up with the "Cake by the Ocean" singer to offer 250 lucky "fans" — in this case referring to the original meaning of "fanatics," e.g. uncomfortably obsessive people — a molded replica of Jonas's right hand.

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