Why Everybody Hates the New “Mean Girls” Movie Style

Dress like Renee Rapp, not Regina George

2024 “Mean Girls” Movie Style

via Paramount Pictures/Mean Girls

We knew this was coming, didn’t we? Ever since the Mean Girls trailer dropped, the internet has been sounding off about everything. Millennials, who have never let that movie go since it came out 20 years ago, were offended by the tagline “Not your mother’s Mean Girls.” How old did the marketers think millennials are?

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Sundance Turns 40! Here Are the Films We’re Most Looking Forward To

Sundance Film Festival 2024 marks 40 years of Utah’s most exciting weekend

Love Me: Kristen Stewart and Steven Yeun

via 2AM / Sundance

What do you think of when you think of Utah? Snow? Slopes? The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? I think of Sundance. Sundance Film Festival is home to one of the most internationally prestigious film festivals in the world. Sundance has a well-deserved reputation for excavating emerging talents in the film industry through its mission to support engaging new stories. Sundance winners in the past are firmly lodged in our cultural canon, such as Fruitvale Station, Whiplash, and Precious.

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15 Best Films to Watch When You’re Craving a Vacation Somewhere Warm

Stop watching the Top Gun Beach Scene on repeat and turn on these iconic, nostalgic warm-weather vacation films

Knives Out: Glass Onion

via Netflix

As much as I hate to say it, here's an undeniable truth: January is coming. Soon, we'll have to wake ourselves up from our food comas and face the new year, followed by the same old BS. Just thinking about it makes me need another vacation, stat.

January is a slow, painful crawl. The post-holiday blues, the pressure to rise and grind, the dregs of winter. It all adds up to 31 insufferable days of stress and sadness — or perhaps that’s just my seasonal depression talking.

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Is Saltburn Satire?

Saltburn is a lot of things. Salacious. Scandalous. Shocking. But is it satire?

What is Saltburn about?

via MGM / Amazon Prime

After the trailer was (finally, finally) released for the new Emerald Fennell feature film, Saltburn, I asked the question: what the hell is Saltburn? Now, a week after watching it and turning it in my head for days, I still don’t know the answer. This sick, salacious, yet ultimately satisfying film is a reinvigoration of its genre. But what genre is it aspiring to? And is it succeeding?

There are a few things I’m sure of. Saltburn is a study of dichotomies. Rich and poor. Filth and fabulousness. It’s the haves and the have-nots. Some have power, beauty, privilege, and love. The others have not.

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The Iron Claw is Already the Hottest Movie of the Year

A24’s Iron Claw cast is stacked with Zac Efron, Harris Dickinson, and Jeremy Allen White

The Iron Claw Cast

via A24

The SAG strike has been a long and difficult road for us all: the actors who are striking, the stubborn execs who just need to give in and make a deal already, and us, the lovers of cinema, who have had to endure so much. Movie after movie has been pushed to 2024, from Dune: Part 2 to Challengers, depriving us of not one… but two, Zendaya press tours.

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Dicks: The Musical | Official Trailer HD | A24

A24’s Dicks: The Musical promised campy glory. The Indie Darling movie studio — responsible for some of the most iconic cinema of the past decade — was proud to announce its first-ever musical feature film. After hitting it out of the park with psychological thrillers like Midsommar and Hereditary, queer landmarks like Moonlight, and coming-of-age masterpieces like Lady Bird, Mid-90s, and Euphoria, I had high expectations for Dicks. But, respectfully, I came out of the theater with one thought: what the hell was that?

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