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Meet Nicholas Arnold Schock: The Racist Florida Man Getting Choked Out in a Viral Video

The white supremacist Trump fan is back in jail—again—a symbol of everything wrong with America's prison system.

"I am a white supremacist. The Aryan Nation will rule the world!"

If you think that sounds like the words of a man who is about to be deservedly choked out, you're partially right. But before 36-year-old Nicholas Arnold Schock got taken down by a group of brave bystanders in Nokomis Florida, he would do a lot more to deserve such aggressive treatment.

The viral video of the incident opens with a belligerent Schock, half-naked, shouting at the staff of Pop's Sunset Grille to "call Donald Trump, he's gonna come get me out of prison." It's not evident what sparked the confrontation—whether Schock was refusing to wear a mask in the popular open-air venue, or simply wanted to strip naked. Whatever the case, Schock was seemingly convinced that Donald Trump would have his back in the ordeal.

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"The Ellen DeGeneres Show": Sexual Misconduct and Ellen's Full Apology

Ellen DeGeneres' apology comes as allegations of sexual misconduct are being leveled against the show's top executives.

Update 8/18/2020: In an announcement from Warner Bros. on Monday two more executives were said to have "parted ways" with the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In addition to Ed Glavin, executive producer Kevin Leman has now been ousted as well as co-executive producer Jonathan Norman, who is accused of having "groomed" an employee by taking him to various concerts and events that were loosely work-related before attempting to perform oral sex on him.

Remaining on as the show's executives are veterans Andy Lassner, Mary Connelly, and Derek Westervelt, along with DeGeneres herself.

It seems that every week there's a new story that casts Ellen DeGeneres in an unflattering light.

It started with her problematic friendship with George W. Bush, and has more recently included reports of her cruelty toward strangers, the way her show's staff was left feeling abandoned during the lockdown, and the generally toxic work environment that current and former crew members have reported.

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Nicholas Braun, AKA Cousin Greg, Has Delivered the Perfect 2020 Song in "Antibodies (Do You Have The)"

The pop-punk hit is equal parts timely and timeless (and also hilarious).

Nicholas Braun is not really known for his music.

He's recognized primarily for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of bumbling, fish-out-of-water "cousin Greg" on HBO's "Succession." But his transformation into a punk-pop idol in fingerless gloves for his new single "Antibodies (Do You Have The)" will soon change that.

Part public health PSA, part brooding sexual anthem, the creation of this COVID-era hit dates back to May 7th, when Braun reached out to the ether with an Instagram post addressed to "all musical people!"

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