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Caleb McLaughlin, AKA Lucas Sinclair on Stranger Things, recently opened up about dealing with racism he’s faced since the show's debut.

The 20-year-old actor gained recognition for playing the role of Lucas since season one.

At this year’s The Heroes Comic-Con Belgium, McLaughlin went into detail about the racism he faced from some Stranger Things fans and how it affected him when he was younger.

“My very first Comic-Con, some people didn’t stand in my line because I was Black. Some people told me, ‘Oh I didn’t want to be in your line because you were mean to Eleven [Millie Bobby Brown].” - McLaughlin told the crowd in Belgium

Caleb M At 13th Annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute Credit: Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

Sadly, this is nothing new. In fact, just a few weeks ago singer/actress, Halle Bailey, faced backlash from some who said her depiction of Ariel in next year’s Little Mermaid film, doesn’t resemble the original protagonist who is - 100% - a mythical creature.

Let’s not overlook the racism thrown toward actors of color in shows like HBO’s House of Dragons, or Amazon’s Rings of Power. Earlier this year, “Star Wars” released a statement after Moses Ingram acknowledged on social media that fans flooded her DMs calling her the N-word and a “diversity hire.”

"They are happy with a dragon flying. They’re happy with white hair and violet-colored eyes, but a rich Black guy? That’s beyond the pale." - Steve Toussaint of ‘House of the Dragon commenting on his casting.

In a world where representation matters more than ever, it saddens me to see such bright, talented actors, accosted for the color of their skin.

But there’s still hope, especially when actors like McLaughlin decide to open up, speak their truth, and use their platforms to bring light to relevant issues so many of us face in our day-to-day lives.

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All products featured are independently selected by our editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Let me start by saying I love a good “basic” fit. From jeans and a white tee out to leggings and a sweater to the bodega, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel every time I step out. I like to think I do it in a chic Emma Chamberlain way, but still.

I’ve also been known to follow a trend. Whether it’s the Euphoria make-up trend, the New Balance trend (but not Crocs or ASICS), or everything from Lisa Says Gah, I’m not afraid to dabble in popular fashion. I think it’s fun to participate in a trend or two. It keeps dressing up fun.

However, with the dominance of social media microtrends and fast fashion, there are too many trends to keep up with. And too many niche aesthetics to wrap your head around. Like, is everyone supposed to do all of them? What would that closet even look like? Coastal grandmother-inspired cardigans, dark academia loafers, and Y2K sparkly tops galore?

All of this to say, it’s important to be discerning. TikTok’s favorite stylist, Allison Bornstein, champions mindful shopping by pulling from what you already have first. “Shopping your own closet was a response to the overconsumption and the influence of social media and micro trends,” Bornstein says. “We see so much newness and so many different trends and aesthetics on the internet, and then we look at our own closet, and we’re like, Well, I don’t have that. Do I need it?”

@allisonbornstein6 #greenscreen no need to knock it all down and rebuild each season! we should be building on what we have / love / wear to create an amazing versatile wardrobe. tip 2 is one of my faves that i always do every season! what other tips do you have for building your fall wardrobe?! #fashiontiktok #fyp #fashioniswellness #stylist #fallfashion #fall #moodboard ♬ original sound - Allison Bornstein

Instead of rushing to add every flashy new item to your cart, resist trend envy by considering what makes each new aesthetic appealing to you. Do you like disco-chic or just want to wear your going-out-tops more? Do you need to try Barbie-core, or do you just want to pull your more feminine pieces back out of your closet?

“If you’re inspired by a look, it won’t feel like you’re copying and pasting somebody else’s aesthetic,” Bornstein says. “By shopping your closet, you’re using your own things that you already love.”

This is also the key to mixing fall fashion favorites with more novel pieces. You can resist “basic” outfit formulas just by making unexpected pairs and easy switches. Here is your ultimate guide to not dressing “basic” this fall.

1. Denim Jackets

We get it. Fall comes, and you want to pull out your leggings, your flannel, and your denim jackets (by you, I mean me … I’m guilty). But “in with the new” doesn’t have to mean “out with the old.” A classic is a classic for a reason. Make your denim jacket more interesting by layering it with — you guessed it — more denim. Double denim is super in this fall. From New York Fashion Week street style to your closet, shop the perfect pair of Levi’s to complete your fall fits.

2. Cozy Sweaters

Fall is for two things: listening to Taylor Swift’s Cardigan on repeat and wearing actual cardigans. Sweaters are always in for fall, but elevate the classic with cashmere. Cashmere is always a timeless choice. And good news, it doesn’t have to be expensive — no matter what Brad Pitt and Gigi Hadid are trying to sell you.

For neutral staple pieces that will last you forever, shop Gentle Herd cashmere. They’re stocked with soft and snug pieces for every style and budget. For another sustainable option, shop Reformation’s new cashmere collection. Their effortlessly cool cashmere will make you wish sweater weather lasted year-round.

3. Trousers

Jeans and leggings aren’t your only options for pants. Yes, I could live in my Girlfriend leggings, but I’ve recently added trousers to my outfit rotation, and they’ve made all the difference. Even if you pair them with a plain T-shirt or the aforementioned cozy sweater, you’ll automatically have a put-together look for fall. For those still struggling to find the right pair, look no further than Everlane. Their basics just fit better than any I’ve tried, and the buttery soft trousers make business casual way more casual.

4. Silk Pants

Silk pants aren’t only for vacation. They’ve been spotted all over the chicest celeb instas and they’re a genius way to add a slinky, sexy element to any fall outfit. The total unexpected staple. Add them to your fall wardrobe for a romantic take on the summer’s silk dress. A pair of dressy pants from Nap Loungewear are just as suitable for a night out as they are for a night in. And these silk cargos from The Outnet are an unmatched combination of both the silk pants and the cargo pants trends. Or just wear your PJs out in the spirit of shopping in your own closet. Anything goes in the pursuit of un-basicness.

5. Ballet Flats

Ballet silhouettes are huge for fall. From drop waist skirts to slicked-back buns and now ballet flats, we’re all taking inspo from our childhood ballet lessons. Inner child healing through sartorial exploration, maybe. Probably nothing as noble. Personally, I’m motivated by those Miu Miu ballet flats I can’t afford. But any ballet-inspired look will feel fresh this fall. Dainty shoes or not.

6. Birkenstock Bostons

You’ve no doubt seen Birkenstock Bostons everywhere as autumn arrived – even clever Amazon dupes have cropped up on my feed. And while these are a perfect bodega shoe, wearing them as an outfit piece is difficult to do without looking like a clone. Is it too late to hop on the trend? Never. Instead, wear them as what Bornstein calls “the wrong shoe.” Instead of going with the expected shoe for an outfit — sneakers in a casual fit, heels for a night out — wear something unexpected. Pull out your new Birks for a night out, or to tie together a more femme fit. The surprising pairing will bring your look to life.


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All products featured are independently selected by our editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission

For such a tiny piece of clothing, bras are easily the most difficult product to buy -- and there is nothing more frustrating than coming home with one that either causes chafing or makes your boob pop out. We're not out here trying to look like some overhyped Victoria's Secret model, but you'd think we could find one that works for us.

On a quest to find the ultimate bra, our editors set out to find a brand that offers it all; a wide size range, different styles and colors, high-quality materials, and a reasonable price.

After some searching, we narrowed our findings down to three trending brands; CUUP, ThirdLove, and Skims. Here's everything you need to know:

Key Similarities

  • All offer bras designed to fit all shapes and sizes
  • All provide customer support to help you find the perfect fit
  • All are affordable

Key Differences

  • CUUP is a bra expert, offering lingerie and swimwear only – ThirdLove and Skims offer a broader range of clothing, including loungewear, activewear, and shapewear
  • CUUP and ThirdLove offer a Fit Quiz – Skims provides a sizing guide only
  • CUUP bras are constructed to enhance a woman's natural shape while providing maximum comfort and support – ThirdLove and Skims bras aren’t as thoughtfully engineered

CUUP Overview

CUUP's mission is to redefine the way women look and feel in their underwear. Their bras are designed with stretchy, thin, light materials that support a woman's natural shape - no foam and no bump pads, just unlined simplicity. And yet, they still provide that effortlessly sexy look.

Cuup bras

Image Courtesy of CUUP

Available in sizes A to H, there are 6 different styles and various materials to choose from. The Balconette, for example, is perfect for an open neckline, and The Plunge with its deep V silhouette works best when styled with a silk blouse or an open cardigan. CUUP even offers a FIT Quiz on their website to ensure you find your precise size.

By working with a development and manufacturing partner who's been producing bras worldwide for over 30 years and running a series of bra washes and wear tests, CUUP’s quality is truly next-level.

CUUP leverages technology and even invented a flexiwire - a flexible underwire - that moves with you without poking or pinching -- they even reconstructed straps, gores, and cup proportions to achieve a perfect fit, even for bigger boob sizes.

For only $68 for premium materials and the flattering design, CUUP bras are super affordable.

Fit: 10/10, Material: 10/10, Design: 10/10, Support: 9.5/10, Price: 9/10

ThirdLove Overview

ThirdLove's main claim is to offer a wider-than-most size range, with band sizes ranging from 30 to 48 and cup sizes from A to I. But only a few combinations are available in their full-size range, which made their claim a little questionable…

ThirdLove bras

Image Courtesy of ThirdLove

ThirdLove's main claim is to offer a wider-than-most size range, with band sizes ranging from 30 to 48 and cup sizes from A to I. But only a few combinations are available in their full-size range, which made their claim a little questionable…

There are 11 different bra styles to choose from; classic styles such as strapless bras and T-shirt bras and more unique styles like their uplift plunge bra that comes with padding and a sheer mesh overlay.

While a ThirdLove bra is definitely comfortable, we weren't a big fan of the overall look and fit. What we did appreciate about ThirdLove is their 60-day return policy that includes worn and washed bras, which go to charity.

Fit: 8/10, Material: 7/10, Design: 8/10, Support: 9/10, Price: 7/10

Skims Overview

Skims launched with undergarments and loungewear but became most famous for their shapewear. The brand offers 6 different bra styles in skin-matching shades with both non-padded and lightly padded options.

Skims bras

Image Courtesy of Skims

Looking at Skims’ bra design, they're definitely on the simpler side. We took a closer look at their molded cotton underwire bra with no padding and customers reported that it wasn't as comfortable as they had hoped and that the underwire was digging into their chest.

Skims mastered shapewear, so their bras feel less engineered and less focused on support, comfort, and style. It’s such a viral brand and while we usually love Kim K, we just don’t think the bras live up to the hype. They not only lack quality, but they're also practically impossible to get with sizes and styles constantly being sold out.

Fit: 7/10, Material: 8/10, Design: 7/10, Support: 7/10, Price: 7/10

Final Thoughts

In terms of fit, materials, design, and support, CUUP is our top pick. Their bras feel luxurious and soft on the skin, and most importantly, they are affordable! Plus, we look damn sexy in them.

We could tell right away that Skims and ThirdLove focus more on other clothing categories than bras. Yes, they sell them but theirs are not nearly as thoughtfully designed or engineered as CUUP's -- especially when looking at material choice, comfort, and design.

And as an added bonus that we didn’t even talk about in the comparison, CUUP’s underwear is equally as incredible as the bras. Made in the lightweight and ultra-breathable, modal material, these are perfect for all-day and all-night wear. They come in a range of seamless styles and cuts from Thongs to Bikinis, and even High Waist for a timeless look, while colors range from basic packs for neutrals and blacks to cheetah and deep, oceanic blues.

CUUP has us all embracing our bodies as they are. No over-lifted padding, no push-ups, and no hiding what we're working with.

JUST FOR YOU: Shop bras that look and feel great in every size, A to H and shop Undies (3 for $48) for the perfect set. Follow this link to shop!

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