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Old Harry Styles Pictures Resurface ... and I'm Obsessed with How Un-Problematic They Are

Pictures of Harry Styles dressed as Ariel are making their way around Twitter and we love it

Harry Styles dressed as Ariel

The way my heart stopped when I read the words: "Old Harry Styles Images Resurface."

If you've been around the internet longer than five minutes, you know that deep dives into the archives of your faves is not usually a good idea. Almost no one is immune (though almost no one suffers any actual consequences).

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Why Are So Many Young Influencers Dying?

Is there an epidemic of premature death among Internet celebrities?


Update 4/14/2021: Over the weekend, Vine star and musician Adam Perkins — best known for his viral "Welcome to Chili's" video, and other skits he made with his twin brother Patrick Perkins — passed away at age 24.

Before Vine was shut down in 2017, Perkins had amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, and his "Welcome to Chili's" clip had been viewed more than 20 million times. Patrick shared a remembrance of Adam on Instagram on Tuesday, encouraging people to listen to his brother's album Latch Relay to honor his memory.

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Meet the Man Who Wants to Sue the NFL for $867 Trillion (Because J. Lo Made Him Horny)

Coach Dave Daubenmire claims that the "crotch shots" in the Super Bowl Halftime show put him "in danger of hellfire."

Update 4/14/2021: Coach Dave is at it again.

This time he specifically called out Right Wing Watch before sharing his thoughts on the tragic killing of 20-year-old Daunte Wright by police officer Kimberly Potter in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. After pulling Wright over — reportedly for having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror, Potter claims to have mistaken her gun for her taser, and fatally shot Wright as he was trying to get away from her.

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14 American Designers to Know Before the Met Gala 2021

The theme on the 2021 and 2022 Met Galas have been announced, so get acquainted with American fashion.

Pyer Moss SS19 by Micaiah Carter

The Met Gala is back!

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Lena Waithe’s "Them" Exploits Black Trauma for the White Gaze

The one-note tastelessness of the drama plays into the idea that Black people are defined by their pain.

Lena Waithe "Them"

Lena Waithe's highly anticipated drama series Them premiered on Amazon Prime last week — and was immediately met with criticisms that its depictions of racism vicariously exploited Black trauma.

The limited series is an anthology which promises to be the next American Horror Story. This season, Covenant, follows a 1950s Black family who move to LA during the Great Migration and are subjected to racism and violence by their white neighbors. Judging by its early trailers and advertisements, the show promised to redefine domestic terrorism and give it a new face, exposing just how deep racism is entrenched even in cities like LA.

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Was Kid Cudi's "SNL" Dress Ugly?

As men wearing dresses feels less and less revolutionary, men are going to have to step up their game, experimenting with feminine styles with intentionality instead of just shock value.

Kid Cudi in a Custon Off-White dress on SNL

Kid Cudi officially announced sundress season by performing in a dress on SNL as the musical guest on April 10th.

With vaccines on the horizon and spring in full swing, sundress season promises to deliver this year. Easter even delivered sundress-related drama between Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner after Jenner posted a picture in the same Rodarte floral dress that Gomez wore in her video for "De Una Vez."

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