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Can Kim Kardashian Really Live Without Instagram and Facebook? Can You?

With social media giants like Facebook and Instagram woven into our daily lives, does a boycott have real weight?

Kim Kardashian has nearly 190 million followers on Instagram, where she's in the habit of posting at least once a day.

If her followers were a nation, they would be the 8th most populous on the planet. But the citizens of Kardashia (Kimeroon? The United Kimdom?) will not be receiving any diplomatic news or thirst traps from their dear leader on Wednesday.

As she announced on Instagram on Tuesday, she is taking part in the one-day boycott of Instagram and Facebook organized by Stop Hate for Profit and promoted by other celebrities, from Katy Perry to Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Ethan Peters' Overdose at 17: Why Are So Many Young Influencers Dying?

Is there an epidemic of premature death among Internet celebrities?


Over the weekend beauty blogger Ethan Peters—known as Ethanisupreme—passed away at the age of 17 in his home in Harris County, Texas.

Peters had been a staple of Instagram for years, having amassed over a million followers for his meme account Betch, before selling it for $25,000 at the age of 13. Since then he managed to accrue over 500,000 followers for his personal account, where he posted images of himself in elaborate makeup and at least one video of himself receiving cosmetic injections.

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Kirsten Dunst Did Not Endorse Kanye West. Does He Know Who She Is?

Kanye West tweeted a poster for his presidential campaign that inexplicably featured Kirsten Dunst and Anna Wintour.

Vanity Fair

Kanye West—rapper, producer, fashion icon, and pawn of the Donald Trump reelection campaign—is still "walking" for president.

In a recent series of tweets, he shared the progress of his 2020 presidential campaign. Among the updates were a list of the 10 states where he has been approved for the ballot—thankfully no battleground states yet—and a meeting with some very old, very white campaign staff.

But the most exciting post—at least for fans of Sam Raimi's early 2000s Spider-Man movies—was a new scrolling campaign poster featuring his obvious (but also perfect) slogan "2020 Vision" and images of happy people, including a 2002 image of actress Kirsten Dunst.

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