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Eznima Tells Popdust About Being On The Cover of Strings Magazine

The violinist stopped by Popdust Presents for an exclusive interview

Ezinma talks about her latest single and appearing on the cover of Strings Magazine
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Azra Tells Popdust About Her New Single "Hell and Back"

The singer stopped by Popdust Presents for an exclusive interview

Popdust talks with Azra about her single, 'Hell & Back'
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INTERVIEW: Cristina Rae "Emptied Herself" to Portray Effie White

The America's Got Talent finalist will portray the character for a Clubhouse production of DreamGirls

Cristina Rae

Chris Haston - NBC

When Cristina Rae auditioned to be Effie White in the upcoming Clubhouse rendition of DreamGirls, she burst into tears.

The warm and boisterous Tennessean, whose powerful voice snagged her third place on America's Got Talent's 15th season, is no stranger to the character. She's portrayed the role four different times throughout her life. But the difference this time around was that she was reentering the role as a mother. When she originally auditioned for AGT, Cristina and her son were broke and living in her car. She gravitated towards AGT with the hopes of buying a home.

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Interview: Chanel West Coast Demands to Be Taken Seriously

The Ridiculousness co-host has fought tooth and nail over the years to make a name for herself in the rap game, and she's finally being given her due diligence.

Chanel West Coast

Despite being a versatile talent, Chanel West Coast has admittedly been pigeonholed over the years.

Best known as the sole female face of Ridiculousness, it's true that MTV's comedy clip show has served as Chanel's home this past decade. But she is often quick to remind everyone (this journalist included) that her hardened launch into music these past few years isn't so much a career pivot, but rather an extension of an already seasoned musical hustle.

"I've never just "dabbled" in music," Chanel said.

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Musician Tessa Kaye

Have you heard of the expression "fake it until you make it"? It's common for people to fake a smile, in hopes of becoming happy from the outside in.

But Tessa Kaye wonders if true happiness is about accepting how you're feeling, not trying to change it. Her newest release, "Smile More," deals with the expectation often placed on women to maintain a pleasant demeanor no matter what's going on beneath the surface.

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Martin Jensen

Armed with pyrotechnics, kaleidoscopic lights, and "fun tunes," Martin Jensen took his infectious melodic house discography and set up shop in Copenhagen's Telia Park.

The performance was part of Jensen's recent "Me, Myself, Online" livestream event, a heartwarming digital concert series that featured Jensen performing full sets in a handful of gorgeous locations around Europe. It was a feat that Jensen had been planning a year before the pandemic, but instead of performing in abandoned locations, the project was meant to feature concert footage instead.

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