RELEASE RADAR | Premiere from Sleepspent

Plus new music from Edward and Jane, Rainstorm Brother, Troi Irons, and more

Folk Friday is now a thing, and we've got the perfect playlist for it.

RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of your top singles, albums, and videos to check out as you head into your weekend. Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new stuff from those you already know and love.


⭐️ PREMIERE ⭐️ | Sleepspent | "Come Smile With Me"

The cheeky new video from El Paso indie rock group Sleepspent guides us through a lively house party--and it's inevitable demise. "Sonically, it makes sense to soundtrack a summer-y house party," says frontman Austin North. "But lyrically it is much more introspective and contemplative than a stereotypical party-track."

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REUEL | "First Snow"

Reuel's new single updates his classic piano training, creating an approachable take on sophisticated instrumentals.

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Edward and Jane | "Hold Your Own"

The new single from the six piece unit, lead by husband and wife Edward and Jane Carpenter, puts a fresh spin on folk. Earnest lyrics and soulful harmonies tug on the heartstrings and pair beautifully with classic instrumentals.

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Arts Fishing Club | "Icarus"

Nashville group Arts Fishing Club draws on their folk roots and infuses it with modern pop for their debut single, "Icarus." The infectious rhythms will drag you out onto the dancefloor and have you singing along.

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Rainstorm Brother | "Fiery West"

L.A. folk legend John Isaac Watters teamed up with keyboardist Tyler Chester to form Rainstorm Brother. Their irreverent vocals and elaborate percussion are a refreshing departure from heavier folk ballads.

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James Houlahan | The Wheel Still In Spin

James Houlahan's latest album weaves together forlorn lyrics and warm vocals (featuring Houlahan's girlfriend, Esther Clark). One by one, each track lays the foundation for a dreamy escape that doesn't have us wanting to return to real life anytime soon.

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Briget Boyle | The Next Line

Briget Boyle crafted her sophomore album with the diligence that only comes from years of experience. The Oakland-based singer-songwriter stitches poignant lyrics together with polished instrumentals and leaves behind a yearning for more.

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Eldren | Miss Information Aged

Denver band Eldren's sophomore album searches for the line between fact and fiction, and then rips it apart. "The pervasive nature of information technology has rendered the news, history, and personal and social truths to be subjective or nonexistent," said frontman Tyler Imbrogno. "The title of the album is intended to reflect the 'telephone' like effect of facts and opinions being distorted as they spread — and simultaneously refers to 'information' as our 'goddess.'"

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Troi Irons | ANTIHERO

Troi Irons' self-proclaimed indie anthem takes a raw, DIY approach to traditional indie rock. "Most of us tend to name ourselves the hero of our own story when the truth is, we are often the villain," Troi said. "We self-sabotage and make plenty mistakes as we evolve into who we want to be—this is a vulnerable account of exactly that."

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