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Amy Swift Reminds Us What Soul Should Sound Like

The London singer explodes out of the gate with first solo single.

When you hear Amy Swift sing, it's impossible not to compare her to another soulful crooner who shared her first name: Amy Winehouse. Both singers came of age in London and both singers have a powerful, unique voice that perfectly accompanies jazzy, sensual compositions. Amy Swift's debut single, "Moving," sounds like a lost track off Back to Black, with dark tones and soaring vocals that are sure to put her on the map among today's best soul singers.

"Moving" begins slowly, painting a picture of a stage in a dark jazz club, with a single microphone in a lonely spotlight. Soon, Swift's voice enters. She's seductive at first, enticing the audience with the velvety texture of her voice. But then you realize she isn't alone on the stage in your mind, and a full band joins her, ramping up the stakes. By the time she declares, "And I'm still moving," the imaginary night club audience is hanging on her every word and moving to the chaotic build of the band. But just as suddenly as the music crescendoed, it falls again, and Swift is purring into the microphone once more, the audience eating out of the palm of her hand.

But, of course, the audience and the club aren't real and the performance in your head is only a testament to the cinematic power of Swift's song. It's forceful and dramatic, a lament about moving on after heartbreak and letting the pain make you stronger.

Enjoy this exclusive Popdust premiere of "Moving."

For more from Amy, visit her website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Brooke Ivey Johnson is a Brooklyn based writer, playwright, and human woman. To read more of her work visit her blog or follow her twitter @BrookeIJohnson.

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