Music Monday
Music Monday

MUSIC MONDAY | Trophy Kid Goes Solo

Trophy Kid evolves from frontman to a standalone star with his solo EP dropping this spring.

THE MIX | Highs, lows, and finding a middle ground

10.29.18 | "'My 'Songs about Life' playlist has a little something for everyone. Life is full of ups and downs, and some of these songs have made me laugh, cry, or just feel something when I've needed to. I hope everyone can enjoy" (Trophy Kid).

About Trophy Kid


A Vancouver native, Trophy Kid was discovered by Rob Lanni from Coalition Music at the prestigious Fox Vancouver Seeds competition. He's toured across Canada with pop trio PRTY H3RO, even playing a show at The Vancouver Olympics. Their music has been featured on Much Dance Canada, TSN, Entertainment Tonight, and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

With two Billboard-charting hits, the band's frontman is now taking a stab at a solo career. With inspiring lyrics and hook-driven, catchy pop sounds, Trophy Kid is ready to go it alone, and his fans are by his side. His EP, The After PRTY, is due out in Spring 2019.

Check out "Shout" by Trophy Kid below:

Shout - Trophy Kid Diz (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Music Monday

MUSIC MONDAY | Jacob Plant’s “Amnesia” is a Song You Won’t Soon Forget

The UK DJ and producer collaborates with James Newman for smooth vocals over mind-blowing melodies and perfect percussion.

THE MIX | A step back into summer before fall freezes us out

10.22.18 | "This is my 'Summer Highlights' playlist. 2018 has been such a good year for dance music and these tracks have really stood out to me. If you're not a house music fan, I hope this playlist might get you into some new tracks. Enjoy!"

About Jacob Plant

Jacob Plant

DJ and producer Jacob Plant is a London-born breakthrough with tunes that have darted to the top of dance music charts in the past few years. After meeting Calvin Harris in L.A., Plant caught his big break with his 2013 singles, "Fire" and "Shakedown." Next came Rihanna, who commissioned Plant's "Drop That" for Dreamworks movie Home.

From remixing for Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and Iggy Azalea, to creating his own outstanding music, Plant is proving his talent to the world. Plant's latest, "Amnesia," is a project with James Newman, following the success of his radio hit "Only Love" with Becky Hill which hit #1 in the UK Shazam Dance Chart and was named BBC Radio 1's "Ibiza anthem." "Amnesia" is the perfect display of Plant's producing prowess and Newman's smooth vocal stylings. Stay tuned for more magic to come from Plant as he continues to innovate and entertain.

Listen to "Amnesia" below:

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Abby Anderson is Talented Beyond Her Years

The singer's debut EP introduces her confidence, vocal control, and musical diversity to country rock music.

Abby Anderson is one of CMT's Next Women of Country 2018.

The Dallas native has been making waves in Nashville and washing over the country music industry. Her vocals have been praised for maturity beyond her years, and her command of the genre is taking country rock to new heights. Backed by a stellar band and a talented songwriting team, her debut EP I'm Good dropped last month and showcases the newcomer's impressive talents.

"I'm Good" begins with a solid guitar riff before settling in to a standard reggae-ish rhythm. The bridge slides the song along its rails towards the chorus The guitar riffs fold in, and Anderson proclaims, "I'm good" in a declaration of self-assurance as well as her pure talent. A country rock version of Alanis Morissette, she has a cool confidence as her vocals rock out over the impressive band behind her.

As we start "Make Him Wait," the tone is immediately softer and more intimate. A four chord piano progression leads lyrics that urge, "A boy's gonna run, but a real man's gonna stay / Girl, make him wait." Instrumentally and vocally, the song is good, but the well-intended message comes off a little stale and doesn't necessarily catch the listener the same way that "I'm Good" instantly endears itself.

"Dance Away My Broken Heart" almost has a Nouvelle Vague feel to its intro. Once the rhythm kicks in, the song enters Taylor Swift territory. The breezy clap rhythm feels reminiscent of "Shake it Off," but it's the song's hook that's the showpiece. She sings the track's title with real emotion behind its message, accompanied by some sexy sax that grabs and keeps your attention. The piece takes pain and turns it into pleasure.

"Naked Truth" features a bluesy guitar riff that echoes Dark Night by The Blasters. It builds and builds to close out the EP with energy, style, and confidence. Every track on this EP is solid, but here Abby Anderson showcases her staying power as a classic country rocker. The track finishes and begs for a repeat.

Anderson reflects on her sound: "When I was little I really didn't think I'd be making music quite like this. I'm not sure what I thought my sound would be like but I'm sure happy with where it landed. All I want to do is make music that takes people's cares away. Music they can jam to and have a good time. And I'd like to think that's what this little debut EP of mine does."

Indeed, Anderson gives us a strong debut, with catchy hooks and a vocal performance to envy, even by people with decades of experience in this competitive industry. The singer certifies her ability to thrive in classic country rock.

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