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MUSIC MONDAY | Glorietta, Simply Glorious

A "Heatstroke" just as winter's on its way.

THE MIX | Music from Friends and Festivals

11.19.18 | "Our friends make great music and are completely inspiring, so this list is compiled of their music plus a few friends we discovered at the summer festivals." -Glorietta

Bandmates Matthew Logan Vasquez, Noah Gundersen, Kelsey Wilson, David Ramirez, Adrian Quesada, and Jason Robert Blum came together to form Austin-based 'supergroup' Glorietta, bringing friendship and fun into music making. What started as a "tequila-soaked" jam session turned into a sublime sound they all knew was something special, and led to the creation of their self-titled album they call a "friend record," recorded over a nine-day period in a rented home in Glorietta, NM.

The band has spent a good portion of 2018 touring the country, keeping their vibe upbeat and their passion energetic. "Heatstroke" is featured on the album (video below) and shows off Glorietta's unique blend and flair for creativity. Rolling Stone and NPR say, "(Glorietta's new record is the soundtrack to a 'drunken hot tub session' and a tequila-fueled therapy session in a snow-capped wilderness." If that sounds like the kind of music that belongs on your playlist, check out their upcoming tour dates.

Watch the video for "Heatstroke" below:

Glorietta - Heatstroke [Official Music Video]

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MUSIC MONDAY | Van Bobbi’s "Kickdrum Heartbeat" is Pumpin'

Van Bobbi presents a new video and a percussive pop playlist.

THE MIX | Delving Through the Decades from Freestyle Into the Future

11.12.18 | "This playlist spans a few decades of music, starting with a fave genre of mine from the late '80s - "Freestyle." This is a style that came out of the Latin and Italian-American neighborhoods of New York that fused electro, R&B, funk, and Latin percussion. I've been obsessed with each one of these songs at different points in my career and they have influenced my writing and style. I have a lot more to add to this list but here is a sample platter for your ears. I hope you can find something you like here!" -Van Bobbi

About Van Bobbi

With a flair for fun and an element of just about everything, Van Bobbi makes this week's Music Monday a versatile gift for the senses. His love for pop, funk, R&B, and Afro-beat and his desire to blend the genres into something unexpected creates a vibe that's upbeat and inspirational.

"I hope my music inspires people to celebrate life and I hope it shields them from pain. I hope my music augments a given experience or situation. I hope it inspires healing," says Van Bobbi.

The video for "Kickdrum Heartbeat" shows off Van Bobbi's spiritual side with a primal passion. Drum-heavy and dance-worthy, "Kickdrum Heartbeat" will get your blood flowing.

Check out the video below:

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MUSIC MONDAY | Max Frost’s ‘Gold Rush’ Glitters

Frost is focused on a fall tour and shares a playlist for "a kick ass day" starting now.

THE MIX | Top of the Mornin' to Ya

11.5.18 | "The morning is when I think our ears are at their most sensitive. The wrong song can set the whole day off on a bad foot. The right one gives you the glow of invincibility. Here are some songs to start off a kick ass day." - Max Frost

About Max Frost

With his recently released album, Gold Rush, executive produced by Fitz and The Tantrums founder Michael Fitzpatrick, and a fall tour with Twenty One Pilots, Max Frost is closing out 2018 on a high note. The Austin, Texas native grew up strumming his guitar with a bluesy influence, gigging with vintage-rock bands.

When he discovered hip-hop, Frost found a way to incorporate his soulful sound into catchy hooks for rap songs. Experimenting with a fabricated "sample" sound, Frost created something unique – and his distortion and reverbs sent shock waves through the music industry. It wasn't long before Frost was sought after for his signature sound and incredible "one-man-band" performances.

"Sonically, I was inspired by artists like Amy Winehouse and Raphael Saadiq, who breathed fresh life into the classic '60s soul sound. Their vintage songs have a modern edge to the production. My process is the reverse. I try to write songs that, if played on an acoustic guitar, are very modern. But my execution of the singing, instrumentation, and production is vintage," explains Frost.

Named by both NPR and Rolling Stone as one of "10 Artists You Need To Know," Frost has garnered acclaim with his sublime sonic blend - merging soul, funk, hip-hop, pop, and electronica.

Listen to Frost's "Good Morning" below:

Max Frost - Good Morning [Music Video]


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Nora Collins: Classic Country, 80s Verb, and a Whole Lot of Heart

Nora Collins reminds us why country music never goes out of style.

"My goal as a songwriter is to connect with people, so I try to be as honest and relatable as I can lyrically. My hope is that people are able to hear a part of their own stories in these songs,"

...says Nora Collins of her new EP. For the last few months, Collins has been hinting that she's up to something. With coverage in Rolling Stone and Billboard, she told the world to brace for impact, and now, her Pop-Country EP Strings has struck the Earth, sending tremors of excitement out in all directions. Collins has blown away her fans with a truly out of this world EP.

The EP begins with a funky beat played under a plucked guitar lick. Collins voice comes out in a sly croon that eases its way through the song, drawing you with it on a fine thread. Synths jump in for light punches and twangs. She sings that Less is More, twisting the phrase in to something new yet familiar. Her lyrics are playful and catchy, like fingernails catching on a sweater. The song is a solid start, the harbinger of the album to come.

Who Knows Who continues on in the same chill, but vibrantly alive, style. It has a laid-back ska vibe, jiving on Amy Winehouse phrasing with early No Doubt flare. Collins maneuvers around the melody with a sultry cat-like quality, then when the chorus finally explodes, you're ready to hit the dance floor. Her lyrics here are sexy and combative, spurning a cheating lover by cataloguing her own infidelities. It has a fun build, and by the last note the listener has undoubtedly been convinced to buy into the EP for the long haul.

But when Backseat Falling starts, the mood is immediately different. The style is cooler, smoother, more retrospective. Here we're playing with more Katy Perry sides, but with a heavier country twang, and some eighties verb thrown in. The song details early romances in the backseats of cars, first teenage fulfillment, and the nostalgia that comes with remembering first love. It's a song with small-town kick, but big city class.

Nora Collins

As we head in to Plain Jane we're hit with twinkling synths and guitars. The mood is bluer, crystalline, and reflective. Collins sings of a girl dealing with body positivity issues, comforting her in a moment of heartbreak. Collins' rising tones, backed by a military-style snare, give the song the feeling of a lonesome but affirming anthem to womanhood and self-love. It's genuinely touching in its simple, straightforward, honest message. Vince Gill is featured here on backup vocals, but you're so blown away by Collins you don't notice until the second listen.

And now Pink Lemonade, in which things take a sultry turn in to the world of slow-jams. Collins swaggers vocally to the music, easily approaching her target and taking what she wants. She's playing hard with some old-school country lyrics here. You could be told Dolly Parton sung this song and it wouldn't be a shock. She flirts with straightforward, blue-collar metaphors, in a way that almost makes it feel like she's putting on a character. But the song is so obviously fun, quirky, and sexy, that you don't care.

Finally, we come to the titular track off the EP: Strings. Slide guitar and a steady drum beat intro her voice. She starts telling the story of an evening at a bar going further, then further, then further, a whirlwind romance unfolding and taking the listener with it. She gets lyrically more complex as the song evolves, and the emotional ties in the track do the same. The song is less breezy, and more gusty, knocking you over and making you stumble as you try to keep up with it. People are likely to compare it to early Taylor Swift, but that wouldn't be fair. This is much more interesting.

"I've grown a lot, and I think this EP showcases my growth as both an artist and a songwriter. Each song shows a different side of me. I have a lot of musical influences from different genres that have helped shape my sound, and Strings is an authentic representation of who I am, what's in my heart, and the direction I'm headed musically." - Nora Collins

Nora Collins has a fine new EP here. Unlike many of her contemporaries, her take on pop country feels more classically rooted, but with an 80s synth wave kick that sets it apart. She has a country twang, but more often than not she'll veer in to jazz or ska territory, carrying hints of soul and echoes of something all her own. Her sound feels comfortably familiar, but at the same time, new and fresh. You really should give this EP a listen, it's a lot of fun, and Nora Collins is clearly just getting started.

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Thomas Burns Scully is a Popdust contributor, as well as an award-winning actor, playwright, and musician. In his spare time he writes and designs escape rooms. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Music Monday

MUSIC MONDAY | Trophy Kid Goes Solo

Trophy Kid evolves from frontman to a standalone star with his solo EP dropping this spring.

THE MIX | Highs, lows, and finding a middle ground

10.29.18 | "'My 'Songs about Life' playlist has a little something for everyone. Life is full of ups and downs, and some of these songs have made me laugh, cry, or just feel something when I've needed to. I hope everyone can enjoy" (Trophy Kid).

About Trophy Kid


A Vancouver native, Trophy Kid was discovered by Rob Lanni from Coalition Music at the prestigious Fox Vancouver Seeds competition. He's toured across Canada with pop trio PRTY H3RO, even playing a show at The Vancouver Olympics. Their music has been featured on Much Dance Canada, TSN, Entertainment Tonight, and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

With two Billboard-charting hits, the band's frontman is now taking a stab at a solo career. With inspiring lyrics and hook-driven, catchy pop sounds, Trophy Kid is ready to go it alone, and his fans are by his side. His EP, The After PRTY, is due out in Spring 2019.

Check out "Shout" by Trophy Kid below:

Shout - Trophy Kid Diz (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Follow Trophy Kid on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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Music Monday

MUSIC MONDAY | Jacob Plant’s “Amnesia” is a Song You Won’t Soon Forget

The UK DJ and producer collaborates with James Newman for smooth vocals over mind-blowing melodies and perfect percussion.

THE MIX | A step back into summer before fall freezes us out

10.22.18 | "This is my 'Summer Highlights' playlist. 2018 has been such a good year for dance music and these tracks have really stood out to me. If you're not a house music fan, I hope this playlist might get you into some new tracks. Enjoy!"

About Jacob Plant

Jacob Plant

DJ and producer Jacob Plant is a London-born breakthrough with tunes that have darted to the top of dance music charts in the past few years. After meeting Calvin Harris in L.A., Plant caught his big break with his 2013 singles, "Fire" and "Shakedown." Next came Rihanna, who commissioned Plant's "Drop That" for Dreamworks movie Home.

From remixing for Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and Iggy Azalea, to creating his own outstanding music, Plant is proving his talent to the world. Plant's latest, "Amnesia," is a project with James Newman, following the success of his radio hit "Only Love" with Becky Hill which hit #1 in the UK Shazam Dance Chart and was named BBC Radio 1's "Ibiza anthem." "Amnesia" is the perfect display of Plant's producing prowess and Newman's smooth vocal stylings. Stay tuned for more magic to come from Plant as he continues to innovate and entertain.

Listen to "Amnesia" below:

Follow Jacob Plant on: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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